How to identify a Fake iPhone?

August 9, 2015

How to identify a Fake iPhone?

In this huge techno world, you will find people selling fake iPhones but how will you differentiate the fake from the real ones? How can you identify the real iPhone from the duplicate ones and save yourself from fraudsters?

Let’s say you are at a public place and a salesman comes to you requesting you to buy the iPhone and help him earn something as he had not earned a single penny in the entire day. He says he’s in a hurry and wants to sell the iPhone on urgent basis.

You are baffled, confused and you feel that the iPhone might be a fake one. But is this the right way to judge it? Who knows that may be a real one? Even in huge shopping malls as well as online shopping sites you may be cheated with fake ones.

There’s a complete possibility that you are shown a real one but given fake one however how you can know the difference is the point here?

Fake iPhones: Huge Problem

When asked to Apple about the same; it denies to discuss the issue however accepts that the issue is big and they don’t have numbers for the same. But if we discuss for the evidence then recently nearly 40,000 duplicate iPhones were caught from China.

These duplicate ones are sold easily overseas. People are able to make good living by selling them. When it comes to electronics, unreal iPhones have a huge market along with other fake ones.

Talking about the market share of these counterfeit electronics, these were the second most captured commodities having maximum retail price of up to $145 million and $162 million during 2013- 2014.

This is not the real volume of counterfeit goods but only the numbers that show the captured ones. Nearly 13% of counterfeit goods were sold which showed that the volume must be higher. But still, the numbers are unknown.

Even today, many of the fake iPhones are sold on daily basis. So, no matter whosoever is trying to sell you the iPhones, you must be able to identify whether these are fake or not. From this blog post, you will know the types of Fake iPhones so that you can easily recognize them.

Types of Fake iPhones:

  • Franken phones: How to know if an iPhone has real Apple parts or not? May be the smart phones contain assembled parts from scrapped phones which are sent for recycling. These phones are then fitted into new cases in such a way that these look like real iPhones.

    Lookwise these are awesome but functionwise you will repent for purchasing them. If you look at the back of the iPhone 6, you will find its IMEI number under the iPhone logo. If that doesn’t match up with the one available under Settings then you will know that the iPhone is a counterfeit one.

    This same IMEI is also available on the iPhone box. These three should be one and the same, if any of these differ then it is a fake iPhone.

  • Masked Android Phones: Some of the fake iPhone creators try to convert an Android into Apple iPhone. Such phones can be easily recognized. These have cases similar to the original ones but to confirm whether these are real or not, here’s what you can do:
  • Try to request Siri from Home button. If it’s not responding then the iPhone is either fake or defective.
  • Check the icons on the home screen. If there’s a Google Play store then it’s not an Apple iPhone but Android in disguise.
  • Here also the IMEI number will help you to ensure whether the iPhone is real or fake. This can be checked by copying the IMEI number from Settings and checking it from Apple’s online warranty checker.
  • This will show you the iPhone model type as well as its warranty status. For fake iPhones, you will get an error message.
  • Another thing is to look for SIM card trays. New iPhones now use nano sim cards.
  • iPhones use five pointed screw heads. So, this must also be borne in mind.
  • With these check points, you can easily set apart the fake from the real ones. However, if you want to have an Android phone that looks like iPhone then these can be a good choice for you.

Wind Up

So, next time if you are asked to buy an iPhone that’s available for cheaper rate then make sure to identify whether these are fake or real ones. Yes, sometimes outdated iPhones can be available for cheap but this cannot be the case always.

So, make sure to be alert while purchasing an iPhone and save yourself from being deceived.

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