How to know Whether your Website requires Re-Design or not?

October 20, 2015

How to know Whether your Website requires Re-Design or not?

Website is the mirror of any business. It is a very useful resource to get customers. With changing design trends, one needs to upgrade the website accordingly and so it is very important to be aware about these changes.

However, there are times when our website is fully upgraded but we are still unaware that it is. So, how can we recognize whether our website actually needs to be upgraded or just few changes are to be done or the whole website is to be re designed.

Does Your Website Need a Re-design

Based on the needs, websites are altered. Hence, it is important to understand the website and identify the signs that suggest that website actually needs to be updated. Here, in this blog post from well known Web Design Company India, Softqube Technologies; we will learn about some signs which if seen in any website indicates that it’s time to refurnish it.

So, let’s begin:

  1. Improper visibility on mobile devices: We all know that nowdays it has become mandatory for every website to be mobile friendly and so it is necessary that whatever the screen size is ; website should be equally, smoothly and easily visible on each of the devices; be it tablet, mobile, computer or laptop.

    In order to make this possible; we must get our website updated with responsive design. This will help to boost rankings as Google now lowers the rankings of those websites which are not mobile friendly.

  2. Improper Navigation: Navigation is yet another important thing that be considered. This means when any user visits our website; he/she should be able find things easily within less clicks.

    This means our website must deliver relevant results within seconds. Now how can we identify whether our site has proper navigation or not? It’s very simple. When our contact email inbox gets flooded with questions about the website then it is a sign stating that website is having some issues with navigation.

    So, now is the time to get it fixed from experts.

  3. Increased bounce rate: The design, the navigation is important but what is more important is the bounce rate. This means the number of people who don’t visit the entire website and quit very soon.

    The usual bounce rate is generally between 26 to 70% where most of the websites get an average bounce rate of 45%. The increased rate shows that something is wrong with the website; may be in terms of loading the website; increased usability or the design that fails to match the user expectations.

    Here, the only option is to get the website redesigned in such a way that it completely satisfies the needs of our customers.

  4. Company Information Overloaded: Yes agreed, website is the mirror of the business and hence business details must be included in it. However, excess of information can be dangerous.

    We can include the required details such as About Us, What we do, Contact Information and all but it is waste of time to include words and phrases like we can do this, we can do that. For example: I saw a website which had too many unnecessary phrases written and these are as follows:

    • 100% guaranteed customer service
    • Feel the Real experience
    • Avail extra bonus
    • Business since “123” years
    • Market leading
    • Best in class
    • World class and lots more.

    Such words don’t reveal the business expertise but actually follow the same pattern that competitors do and as a result; we appear to be no different. As a result, most of the visitors fail to understand the uniqueness in us (because we failed to explain the same in proper manner) and thus switch to competitors.

    This means that the homepage and everything that a website has must focus more on customers rather than on company.
    If it fails to do so; it’s time to REDESIGN!

  5. Fewer Conversions: Why does one develop a website? Obviously, to increase business; now what will happen if it fails to do so? Just think what can be done if our website fails to generate the business that we actually need.

    We will try to identify the issues, right? And then once we get the hold of them then we will go for solutions.

    Now, every website has two types of visitors: one who just visits the site and one who visits the site and then purchases the product or service. Every website owner wants more of second type of visitors. The percentage of people who actually come to your website and purchase things is called the conversion rate. How many visitors out of 10 actually got converted? If our website generates only one lead out of 100 then it is time to fix the issues.

  6. Lack of an Opt in Box: Website is used to increase the business. Now, if customers don’t find any way to reach us then there are chances that we may lose many of the potential customers.

    Opt in box serves as an invitation to customer in order to begin relationship with the brand. Getting email addresses and developing the list is necessary for any business. In case, the website lacks it ; be it in any form say newsletter subscription, free quote or anything like that then it is time to reconstruct the website.

    Yes, if the current design can be altered to have such opt in box then it can be altered but if there’s no other way then it’s time to redesign.

Brief Note: We are sure that this blog post will be a perfect guide to identify the website issues and know the right time to get it refurnished. Apart from those listed here; there are many more factors that can be considered.

If you know any of those except the ones mentioned here then do share them with us.

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