Some of the Secure Password Encryption Methods in PHP

February 18, 2016

Some of the Secure Password Encryption Methods in PHP

It is necessary to have security of sensitive information like as login credentials, usernames, employee ids and lots more. This is a topic that has always been addressed seriously in every programming language.

It is the matter of internet security. Every language has its own algorithms in order to ensure security and safety. PHP offers various options from beginners to advanced levels so that it can be protected against vulnerabilities.

Encryption Methods in PHP

There are several posts available where you can find various methods to protect PHP website from SQL. However, here still you will find less content over the internet that addresses credential safety methods.

Here, in this Blog Post; We will Explain Most Common Methods of Protecting Passwords in PHP:

Popular Zend framework offers Zend Guard software in order to ensure the security perspective. Even though, it is still a debate whether passwords should be hashed or encrypted. However, here we will discuss some methods from both approaches.

PHP has various algorithms that help to hide actual passwords and opt for maximum security with the use of encryption techniques. Password encryption methods are not much popular now days among developers as these are reversible.

Some of the Commonly used Password Encryption Methods are as Follows:

  1. Password Hashing: This concept is similar to fingerprints. The same way in which finger prints are unique, hash is always unique and this is known as digital fingerprints. It is a one way process.

    Nowdays, hashing methodology is considered as one of the safest techniques to keep the passwords safe and secure. It is applied to password fields before the data is actually inserted in the database.

    This will help you to make password unexploitable in case the hacker attacks. It is necessary to note at this point that hashing passwords can be easily protected within data store however it doesn’t guarantee protection against interception with the help of any code.

    Some of the Common Functions of Hashing are as Follows:

    • Md5 (): This function shows md5 hash of a string.
    • Salt: It is a cryptographic bit of data which makes it more difficulty in tracking the data. With the use of Salt, one cannot exploit any password. It is actually a string that is hashed with password so that dictionary attacks fail.
    • Password_hash(): This creates new passwords by means of one way hashing algorithm. It is completely compatible with crypt (). It is one of the robust techniques used for developing secure passwords.
Take Away:

With these password encryption methods in PHP; one can easily make most use of hashing functions. These functions help to make your passwords safe and secure. So, next time when you wish to protect your passwords, make use of some of the secured password encryption methods.

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