Amazing Features of Apple Watch

March 15, 2015

Apple has launched an amazing wearable watch which can do lot more than a normal smart watch. After iPad, Apple has involved in creating smartphone watches which are highly useful as a compared to the normal watch.

Apple Watches with Awesome Features

Some of The Features and See Why It is so Popular

  • Highly customizable: Apple’s smartphone watch can be easily customized. It is available in three different editions and all three are developed from three different metals available in multiple snap in wrist bands. This watch is available only for $349.
  • Touch interface: The first and foremost watch that is available with the touch interface which can easily distinguish between the light and harder touch. Apart from this, it also has a digital crown which allows users to quickly check the lists without hiding the screen.
  • Pairable with iPhone: This watch possesses the feature to be easily paired with iPhone for many functions and can get back up data from many iPhone devices. It can also pair to get GPS connections to identify the location, incoming calls, text messages and more .
  • Treasure of Apps: Like other Apple devices, this watch too consists of innumerable apps that user can take advantage of while on the go. For example, it has a Tesla app that shows the status of electric car when it’s charging and another app called Starwood makes the watch act as room key.
  • Mini doctor: This watch has an inbuilt function which can check the heart rates whenever you wish to i.e. while resting, while doing normal work etc through the entire day. The main function is of the light sensors which can carry out this job easily.
  • Apple Pay: How can a device manufactured by Apple cannot include its accessories? Apple watch also includes Apple Pay, one of the digital payment platforms developed by Apple to make payment easy for apple device users. To use it, just swipe the watch in front of the compatible kiosk and automatic payment will be made.
  • Battery: This watch can easily stay for a day without being charged. This is the only downside of this watch. This watch can be recharged with the magnetic system as shown in the given image:
  • Many bands: This watch can be easily worn with many customizable bands which slip on and click in place at the top and bottom of the device’s body.
  • Different sizes: This watch comes in two sizes 38mm and 42mm which can be used for different size wrists.
  • Wind up:

    Will you love to buy one? It’s amazing that all tasks can be done with just a single touch on the wrist. This post was quite informative, isn’t it? Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and so daily tech giants come out new inventions and updates, for more such latest updates from Apple, stay tuned with Softqube technologies, well known Mobile development firm offering affordable app development services in India.

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