Want to Hire a PHP Developer? Keep these things in Mind

September 23, 2015

The most prominent programming language used by most of the business enterprises is PHP. Due to its features and benefits; it is opted the most by web developers. Still, there are rumours that it will not last much in the industry yet this is not true.

Recently PHP 7 was released and there are no chances of getting it lapsed from the market. It is one of the languages that can be used with any of the well known languages like HTML5, JS etc. There are several PHP frameworks that make development work very easy.

It is very easy to learn but hard to master. When firms want to hire any PHP developer, they are in deep confusion and this blog post from Softqube Technologies, expert PHP developers in India will serve as a perfect guide to them.

What one must consider while hiring PHP Developers?

First of all, a very good advertisement is actually needed to draw the attention of professional web developers looking to pursue their career in PHP field. The advertisement must mention the type of skills you actually need as well as the frameworks you want developers to work on.

It is advisable to use a PHP job description template as this will include all the things that one must consider while hiring professionals.

Further, the thing is to decide whether you want an average PHP developer or an elite one? For later candidate, there’s a need for well planned hiring process. The first step is to weed out the unfit candidates from the huge bunch of applications.

Another factor is codility which works perfectly. Third important thing is to decide the number of technical interviews you wish to conduct to measure the proficiency of any developer. Then the need arises to create a tie breaking system to identify who will be ultimately selected from one or more candidates.

Next part is to ask Questions as this will check the ability of candidate to solve any given problem. The best way is to choose the problem from your current client’s project and check whether the candidate can solve it or not and how long it takes to solve the issue and bring the required solution.

The main thing is to hunt for such candidates who work on PHP passionately. One such way is to arrange conferences and meet ups from which you can select the right candidate. Such meet ups have top developers who can be useful to you.

Another option is to search online communities like as freelance sites, question and answer sites like Stack exchange and other such technical blogs.

Things to be taken care of during the Job:

The hiring process doesn’t end when you have selected the right candidate. It continues till the time you are satisfied with the work of the new candidate. It is necessary to supervise the work of new PHP developers during the initial days till the time you get full confidence over the candidate.

It is necessary to take care that candidates adhere to PHP best practices. Also, the candidates must use their complete potential while working with any of the PHP frameworks. Get suggestions from hires regarding new technology and examine their knowledge about the latest tools.

Wind Up

Hope this process will help business owners to hire perfect candidates for the project. For more such tips and tricks, stay connected with us.

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