iPhone Rumours you need to know!
Must to Know Apple iPhone Rumours
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Must to Know Apple iPhone Rumours

Recently Apple launched its two new iPhone versions; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. If we take a look at Apple’s previous iPhone versions then they have really provided profitable business to apple. Before 6 months, the industry was filled with rumours about iPhone 6 and here are those two interesting rumours that every tech savvy person must know.

Rumours about Apple iPhone 6

New Force Touch Technology: Every time Apple loves to implement some different technologies in its various devices and this is an intention to easily distinguish between the different versions of any device or similar devices developed by other companies.

Apple iPhone Rumours

The new Force touch technology adopted by Apple for Apple Watch will also be used for iPhone 6s. This Force touch was developed as a means to fulfill the input capabilities. Force Touch is done in order to maximize the ways an Apple Watch user can communicate with upcoming smart watches by providing input depending on the sensitivity of users contact with iPhone 6s’ screen.

The increased sensitivity of Force Touch can accelerate iPhone 6s user’s experience. Apple will simply include Force Touch in order to increase interoperability among Apple watch and iPhone apps and the value of this technology will increase to an extent in any next gen smartphone and it seems that Force Touch is beneficial to set expectations on its utility in the iPhone.
Trying several colour options: Apple is now experimenting with wide range of colours for this new iPhone 6 and one of the main reasons for doing so is Apple’s various colour additions to its iPhone versions which are very much decisive and cultured.

Colours like space gray are quite popular in US markets while gold colour iPhone was popular in China, maximum iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c mobiles were sold more in HongKong and China. Selection of various colours is done for a specific reason and so now iPhone 6s will be available in Pink colour.

It’s possible that pink iPhone may be for iPhone 6 plus and LTE chips are most likely to be purchased for future iPhones developed to create target market. At this moment, it’s similar to two phased price structure including Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Till the time both latest iPhone versions get into the market, rumours will keep on arriving and still nearly six months are left to get both launched.

Evolution is the need of the hour: Yes it means that with more use of technology, World Wide Web can come to an end and change in technology is one of the exciting business opportunities and no such business is as lucrative as that of selling mobile phones.

Wind up

Hope this blog post will help you to understand the rumours and the truth lying thereafter while preparing iPhone App 6s and these two above mentioned rumours are also explained properly.

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