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WordPress Development Mistakes That Are Often Ignored

July 27, 2015

WordPress Development Mistakes That Are Often Ignored

Sometimes while developing websites using WordPress Development, we make certain mistakes which are really very small and are easily ignored. But at times these mistakes can bring a huge loss. Yes, even clients sometimes even if they find these mistakes they don’t bother to inform us.

So, next time before any client actually identifies the mistakes; its better we identify them and correct as soon as possible. But, we should actually know how to recognize these mistakes and rectify them.
Hence, in this blog we are going to first understand them and next time get them rectified before actually they are pinpointed by client.

Issues faced by WordPress Development:

Wordpress Development Mistakes

  • Clients getting surprised by the end result: We all know that IT is a field that keeps on updating constantly. For instance, when the client gave you the project, the design might be different as compared to those when you actually deliver the project.This means the client might have ordered another design while you may be giving any other design. Yes, you are not doing it to irritate the client but situation may not allow you to use the old design elements and you may get forced to use new ones.

    Also, the images offered by your photographer may need some changes in navigation. These changes may be useful but this may disappoint the clients as they may receive an unexpected end result.

    Solution: Make sure to properly explain the changes to the client before actually applying them to the project. Once they agree to the changes, only then you should apply them. This will ensure them that they are going to get something slightly different as they expected and then upon mutual understanding the project can either be continued or discontinued.

  • Avoid Missing Deadlines: Yes, when it comes to development; it’s very hard to stick to deadlines but yes make sure to give your clients such dates that even though the dates are missed, you are able to deliver the project on time.Clients may not complain but this can be a great stress for them. It is possible that their business mainly depends on the website. Hence, this is what they need the most. So, try to give deadlines that you are able to meet properly.

    Few tips here can help you to keep your promise:

    Adopt the content first approach. This means provide the site content first. Make sure you have the content ready before actually you begin developing the website. This will make your workflow very smooth.

    Keep proper guidelines for client communication. Ask clients to reply to you by specific date and time. Make sure you achieve the deadlines at least keeping in mind the client’s state of mind.

  • Send invoices after proof reading them: Yes, mistakes happen after all we are humans but still cross check your invoice every time before sending it to clients. Unexpected bills can actually shock them or lead to your bad impression.Specify everything clearly. Try to make communication as clear as crystal. You may get full payment but won’t get their complete satisfaction which is more important than payment.

Wind up:

So, these are some of the very basic issues that are sometimes ignored by developers as well as clients. Hence, try to keep an eye on them and solve them as quickly and as easily as possible as this will then make your work very easy.
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