Three Best Applications for Your Rooted Android Device

February 24, 2016

Three Best Applications for Your Rooted Android Device

Have you rooted your device any time? Now, when we ask this question; we may confuse you. So, first of all let us understand what rooting an Android device means? So, when you root the device; you are allowing the device to give you all the administrative rights which means you can act as a super user and can gain access to various functionalities as well as abilities which are otherwise locked in your device.

This helps you to use various android apps that otherwise you won’t be able to use. So, now it is clear that before reading this blog post ahead; you must already have rooted your Android device or are planning to do so because this blog is exclusively for those rooted devices only.

Rooted Android Device

Hence, we assume that those who are still here have by now rooted their devices.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best applications that are designed especially for rooted android devices

  • System App Remover: Why have you rooted it? Just because to read this blog post ahead! Ha ha! Why the need arises to root the device. So, one of the reasons is to remove bloatware from it.

    There are various system applications like as Gmail, Facebook that come preinstalled when you purchase the device. But what if you don’t use them they are just occupying the space unnecessarily.

    With System App Remover, you can have access to the files of all those preinstalled apps and then delete them if you want to. It is very easy to use. Unlike other root apps; it allows the most technically illiterate to use it.

    Are you sure whether you want to remove that app? With System App Remover; you can know which apps won’t harm your phone even if you delete them and which apps if deleted can result into phone crash!

    Hence, all Android routed device users; make sure to use this app.

  • Device Control: With this app, users can easily edit various aspects of the Android device like as locking CPU or GPU; manipulate vibration strength and various variables that affect the display such as screen brightness.

    The device control possesses a file management system and android rooted users must get used to browsing with lot of files. Several hidden features of Android can be seen once a user roots the device.

    This one is a useful app that serves as an integrated file management system thus making it more useful.

  • Gesture Control App Good Mood: It is a funny app which allows users to specify and assign different touch gestures to the Android device. Let’s say you want to swipe with three fingers so that the app that you just closed reopens.

    These changes are almost personal and you can do only if you want to. This app is compatible with only those devices that have multi touch capabilities.

Take Away:

Well, if you have rooted the advice, then these three apps can be useful to you. They are available for free. Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are many more such apps that rooted device users can use.

Let us know your reviews about this blog post. Get in touch with us at Softqube Technologies that offers cost effective custom mobile application development services.

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