Three Reasons Your Business Needs Android Application Development

April 30, 2015

Three Reasons Your Business Needs Android Application Development

n today’s time, Android apps are used for various important functions like banking, shopping, sports, news, getting information about local events and more. In short, every single day to day task is now done with apps.

Android Application Development

Think of any task and a mobile app is ready for it. This is one of main reasons; businesses are opting for android apps which ultimately lead to increase in demand of mobile app developers. Well, there are some interesting statistics that show why businesses are highly attracted towards android.

Some Amazing Statistics:

  • Google has 7 lakh plus android applications while that of Apple has 7.5 lakhs.
  • Apple is popular for free apps, 67% of apps offered by Apple are available for free on Google Play store.
  • 75% android smart phones were shipped in the third quarter of 2012
  • On daily basis, 1.3 million and above Android devices are operated.
  • 600 plus types of unique android devices are available in the global smart phone market.

These few statistics actually show the popularity of Android that attracts business people to have one for their business and so every business owner wishes to have its business available on the online system. Everyone is bound to follow the trend.

For developing android apps, it’s advisable to opt for custom mobile application development. The reason customization makes it easy for developers to develop and create smart, intuitive, easy and unique result oriented applications.

Well, apart from these statistics let’s take a look at some important points that actually tempt business to go for android:

  1. Customizability: Android app customization is unlimited. Android operating system can also be modified upto certain extent. In short, be it android app or Android OS; both can be altered keeping in mind the in house needs of any business.

    With Android, one can add a brand to its business as it offers lots of options for high levels of interactions and creativity of any application.

  2. Apps enriched with various features: While selecting android app development to bring business in the mobile world, it’s advisable to select feature rich android apps. In today’s time, android apps have good ratings for both usability as well as functionality.

    Custom android apps can be developed with features like Calendar, email, Task managers etc. These features help developers to develop enthusiastic mobile apps for proper customer relationship management as well as business intelligence.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: Developing android apps leads to increase in productivity. Android platform is good at customizations while other platforms lack this flexibility. So, the more customized your apps, the chances for increased productivity are more.

Wind Up

Android is the main operating system of more than 70% smart phones in the entire world. The reason being an open source operating system, it is highly preferred by mobile device manufacturers and so they are able to use it in every type of device.

This ultimately leads to the increase in the Android’s global market. More users means businesses will get maximum opportunities for its app.

So, now you have got sufficient reasons to opt for android apps development. To get expert android app development services, get in touch with well known Apps Development Company, Softqube technologies.

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