Some Amazing Web Design Concepts

March 25, 2016

Some Amazing Web Design Concepts

It is necessary to have an exciting experience. This is only possible with creative web design. With HTML 5; one can now add dynamic interactions to websites and make them alive. Here, in this blog post; we will share with you some amazing web design concepts that will make your website amazing.

These concepts will give you an idea of amazing website. This shows that you are something different and love to do different experiments. There are several websites that can take you to various cinematic video experiences and rest of them have 360 degree views which allow interactions and much more with visual and sound effects that are generated with clicks, drags and hovers along with unusual navigation.

Web Design Concepts

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • House Hunters Journey: The hunt for perfect house is basically in your mind. With this cool interactive website; one can go through all required steps in order to find a dream home. Get the experience with a scroll.
  • Super Mario: During our childhood, we all might have done this Super Mario game; it is still popular among geeks and if you are the one who still loves Super Mario then this will be down the memory lane. One can explore many eras of Mario game with the help of this simple site.
  • V O I D: This is the website developed by Hi- Res! Agency that serves as a playground for various visual experiments. Follow the instructions and you will be just amazed to see what it means.
  • Make Me Pulse: Here, you can see various interaction features like as reversing letters or bright tape stretching towards your mouse. Mouse over to see more effects.
  • Le Dernier Gaulois: This is a legendary Gallic that is shown via six beautifully illustrated episodes. The website comes with great usability along with well integrated scrolling experience.
  • Fornasetti: This website serves as a design brand that is known for its unique style. It is a playful secret page where you can click shoot at flying face discs.
  • Social Wars: This website is developed to track social footprints of the franchise. Click on Use the Data Force to get started.
  • Norilsk Film: This website is a web documentary film in progress and has 3D videos, panoramas, and documentary plots, real life characters along with unique shooting perspective and Norilsk timelines.
  • Lacoste: It is a360 interactive look book developed by Lacoste in China. Manage yourself in a snow globe where time becomes still and you can see floating models in outwear collection.
  • Holiday Memories: This site shows how British holidays have changed in these hundred years. It features unique old photos and facts about travelling.

Take Away:

With these 11 website concepts; you can find how people are involved in developing a website and how websites can be developed as per the business theme. Yes, you can also choose the concept and design the business website of your own.

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