What works the best for SMEs: Social Media Page or Website?

July 12, 2015

What works the best for SMEs: Social Media Page or Website?

If you are running small or medium business enterprise then this blog post is for you. Your business may be online or offline; you might have kept separate budgets for offline as well as online marketing.

When it comes to online marketing, you may feel what will serve you the best; a website or a social media page? Creating a social media page doesn’t cost you much, yes free website building tools are also available in the market.

Social Media Websites

But then where to spend your time and efforts in such a way that the resources should not get wasted? These questions might attack your mind every now and then. Some can create both; website as well as business page.

Yet, only creating them is not enough, whatever you select; once developed these are to be maintained, optimized so that visitors can actually look and like and interact with you via that medium and hence it is important to decide what suits your business the best?

Let’s start the discussion here and decide what will work best for businesses like yours:

We all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and most of the people spend their time more on such social media sites rather than surfing internet. On the other hand, now days websites are hardly accessed because everyone gets connected with each other via social media sites.

Now, with Quick Call to Action buttons launched on Social media pages; it has even become easier for visitors to get in touch with you if they are interested in benefitting from your services. So, if we closely look at the demand, usability rate then Social media page is more preferable as compared to the website.

Well, having website is also important as it mirrors your business on the internet and showcases your business highlighting its strength to the viewers. However, if we compare both the Social media works best as compared to a website.

Here’s how? :

The main platform that connects people from one end to the other is social media. Among various social media sites available, Facebook is widely used among people. Customers love to connect with small businesses via Facebook.

As per the survey, near about 70% of Facebook users connect to at least on Small business via Facebook. This means if you properly maintain your social media page then chances are there that you can get more traffic on your Business page as compared to that of website.

Hence, we advice to create your business page as well as have a website but focus more on optimizing your Business page and interact with audience from every possible social media platform where you have your target audience.

Yes, selection of such platforms also depends on the target audience. For instance, if your target is professionals then LinkedIn will be the best place for you to get connected with people who are in need of your services.

Wind up:

Through this blog post from Softqube Technologies; Online Marketing Services Provider India, we are sure that small business owners will get a perfect idea as to how to proceed ahead when it comes to actually developing your brand reputation in the online world as well as getting maximum customers.

Do follow the advice and if you get benefitted from it then don’t forget to share this post in your circles.

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