How Social Media is useful for B2B Marketers?

March 9, 2015

So far till now, we have seen how social media is useful to generate traffic, interact with customers and more. Today, we will see how social media can provide benefits to B2B marketers. If we take a look at the current B2B Social Media Marketing, then most of them are still involved more with traditional marketing and less with digital marketing.

With social media, one can easily prove to be loyalty developer especially for business to business markets. Using social media can help B2B Businesses to reveal their credibility, gain customers and develop reputation in tough markets.

Social Media Marketing

Well, let’s discuss how B2B marketers are exactly benefited. When using Social media, marketers can get 92% maximized exposure, up to 80% increase in traffic, 70% loyal or regular customers, 60% improvement in search rankings and sales.

If we talk about top social media sites that can be used for social media marketing then Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most useful ones. The users on these social media sites have increases to an extent; this has increased the power of social media.

Discussing about today’s B2B marketers then social media is the most useful weapon for them.

Here’s how:

  • Traditional marketing methods lack the reach to maximum audience while with digital marketing one can reach to millions of people in any corner of the world and that too with less expense. Hence, digital marketing is more beneficial for B2B marketers to ensure that they get enough people to sell their product or expand its reach to the audience.
  • Now days’, maintaining good relationship with customers is necessary and it’s an essential tool to get business run smoothly. With use of social media, business people can easily communicate with their customers’ thus rendering proper quick customer care service.
  • With the use of social media, there are increased chances of maximum exposure, maximum traffic, improved search rankings, growth in business partnerships, less marketing expenses and improved sales.
  • Benefits continue to grow and so the use of social media for B2B businesses goes on increasing.
  • By 2014, B2B businesses had used various social media sites for their business. Percentage of which is as follows:
Percentage of B2B Marketers using Particular Social media site Social Media Site Name




















Social book marking


Geo Location


Short Form Video




Snap Chat

Looking at the above table, we can say that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have dominated the digital marketing world and being mostly adopted by huge number of business to business marketers. Instagram, Pinterest and Others are on the way to grab the position. Social media will grow up to an extent by 2015 and it includes nearly 95% of Original written content, 60% original virtual info-graphics, 60% Original videos, 22% original audio content.Generally, more preference is given to original content by B2B marketers; curated content is used up to 78%.

Wind up

Well, apart from these benefits there are many challenges that B2B marketers have to face while social media. We will discuss about these challenges in next blog, till then stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known Internet marketing service provider in India.

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