Did you know? Your Social Media Marketing Habits can reveal Your Business Success

July 5, 2015

Did you know? Your Social Media Marketing Habits can reveal Your Business Success

Social media networks have now become the part of people’s life. Yet, using these networks for business purpose is somewhat a crucial task. We can read innumerable stories about businesses that have used social media for establishing their online presence and have got tremendous success.

But is it everyone’s cup of tea? If we talk about business then there are many of them that rarely post updates on regular basis. Every business has success and failures including the social media world. The main thing that one must identify is to see where your brand goes.

Social Media Marketing Habits

Hence, looking at your social media marketing habits; one can say where exactly the business will reach within next five to ten years.

So, here are some findings that will actually help to improve social habits thus helping you to generate sufficient revenue:

Some Findings to Improve Social Media Marketing Habits

  • Enhanced Exposure: Most of the business enterprises say that social media has helped them to increase online presence. Using social media for long term has also benefitted them with great partnerships.

    And if we talk about statistics then the online presence got improved up to 73% for those who used social media for more than 5 years and those who used for at least one year found up to 45% increase.

    It’s interesting to know that social media is such useful to them. These basically suggest two schools of thoughts related to social media; first about the companies that use social media for short term and those that used it for long term.

    This also means that they have a perfect platform for getting prospective business partners in an accessible way.

  • Higher Search Rankings: Improved search rankings led to the increase in use of social media. Digital marketers who mostly spend their time on these platforms found that most of the returns needed improvement and nearly 75% of those using social media since five years or so, got sufficient returns on investment.

    This shows that investment is social media actually yields results when one uses perfect links and social keywords as a part of social media strategy on regular basis. The main thing is to focus on balancing the SEO as well as great SEO content.

  • Most Preferable Instagram: Among all the social media platforms, Instagram is widely used. If we see the usage on overall platforms then Instagram can be considered as one of the mostly opted social media platforms which has seen an increase of 28% to 36% in the usage from 2014 to 2015.

    It has more number of active users and attractive interface; this shows that Instagram can be your social golden point. Nearly about 22% Instagram marketers use it for 5 hours or less in a day with increasing 64% reporting which consumes more than 40 hours of the time.

Wind Up

There’s a lot more to find as to how social media is actually useful and how it can show your business success based on the way you use social media marketing. You can definitely get in touch with well known Online marketing firms so as to know as to how social media marketing can actually help you.

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