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Best PHP Libraries Every Developer Must be Aware of

November 20, 2015

Best PHP Libraries Every Developer Must be Aware of

When you ask any website developer which programming language is most suitable to them then the answer is PHP. It helps web developers to create dynamic web pages. PHP code can be used easily with maximum website templates as well as frameworks in order to enhance functionality and features.

Yes, it is a tedious job to write a PHP code and reduce this time; developers can make use of PHP libraries instead of writing PHP code to add features to the website. This ultimately can reduce the web site development time thus allowing developers to focus on other major aspects of Website design.

Here, we have framed a list of some best PHP libraries which can help website developers to boost functionality of their websites as well as properly manage development time.

Best PHP Libraries:

Well, before actually take a look at some of the best PHP libraries; let’s understand what actually a PHP library is.
“PHP library is a collection of interfaces and classes which are used to solve common problems. There’s no need of external libraries to develop this extension and this is available by default in PHP5.0.0”

It offers a standard data structure as well as a set of iterators to cross over the objects, set of interfaces, standard exceptions and various classes to work with files. It offers several functions like asspl_autoload_register()

Best PHP Libraries

This is the definition as given by Google search results when you search for the meaning of “PHP Library”.

Hope this has made clear to you what actually a PHP library is. So, now let’s move on and see some of the best PHP libraries that can be useful to web developers.

Some of the Best PHP Libraries

  • PChart: It is an impressive PHP library which helps to develop text data in the form of visual chart. The data can be displayed in terms of bar charts, pie charts as well as other formats. The PHP Script generates charts and graphs using SQL queries which help in developing amazing charts and graphs.
  • PHP Captcha: It is yet another great PHP library which develops automated audio as well as visual captchas. These are completely automated challenges which make use of turing test to recognize humans and robots.

    It needs PHP4 compiled with FreeType text and GD 1 or GD 2 image generation support.

  • Image Workshop: It is a great open source PHP library which offers you complete control on using the images with layers. With the help of PHP library one can crop, resize, include watermarks, create thumbnails and change the images as needed in several different ways.

    It can make it easier to enhance the images that are used in the website.

  • phpAES: It is one of the class implementation PHP code with supports encryption cipher of 128, 192 and 256 bit AES. No other extension is needed by library when it comes to PHP compilation. It is completely compliant with FIPS 197.
  • Mink: It is yet another useful PHP library which helps to test proper interaction of web pages with internet browsers. The library removes API differences among different browsers thus providing a perfect testing environment to the developers.
  • Dispatch: It is a simple PHP library which defines URL rules to perfectly organize your site. With PHP library, one can match specific types of HTTP paths or requests render displays and lots more.

    Developers can offer powerful and simple set up by integrating dispatch with other PHP libraries described here.

  • Services_JSON: This allows the transmission of human readable data. The latest version of PHP library provides great convenience in transferring data over the server.
  • PHP Thumbnailer: This library is a simple image control PHP library which helps in developing thumbnails. The library doesn’t need further installation of external libraries. It offers additional control over thumbnails like as resizing the thumbnails by means of height, width, percentage, image rotation and custom crops such as square crops from the middle of the image.
  • Hoa: It is a structured, modular, extensible PHP library which develops a link between research and industrial worlds. The PHP library recommends necessary proto types, mechanisms and algorithms for ensuring the reliability of Websites.
  • PHP text to image: This PHP library is used to convert text into image. This is useful in such cases when there’s a need to display email addresses in the form of image because some images cannot be found programmatically.

    With this PHP library one can lessen the prospects of email addresses that are being up by web crawlers and are used as junk mail.

  • Faker: It is a very useful PHP library which can help to develop fake data as and when required. With this PHP library; one can perform various tasks like as anonym zing data, bootstrapping database, developing XML docs and conducting stress tests.
  • Ratchet: Web developers can develop real time two directional apps among the clients and servers with the help of Ratchet PHP library. This PHP library helps in promoting and creating event driven apps instead of using the old traditional HTTP requests.
  • PHP Export XLS Class: A simple light weight and quick PHP library which can transfer various types of data to Excel. It can convert various data formats to .xls format. This can work with several worksheets, meta data like as author, title, description etc along with different font types and styles, fills, cell borders as well as gradients.

    Several PHP extensions can also be used to add images to the excel sheets.

  • PHP DB class: It is a great PHP library which helps in developing PHP & MYSQL. The tool offers easy access to a complete database and reduces the amount of coding needed to perform the task.

    Along with this, PHP offers several debugging features like as developers use debugging feature to display requests as well as the resulting table. This task can be performed by adding one parameter to several methods of its class.

Wind Up

These PHP libraries will definitely be useful to all the web developers thus reducing their hard work to keep writing codes for each and every PHP need. Try using one of these libraries and let us know how easy it made your working with PHP.

Are you aware about any of such more PHP libraries then do share them with us? Do you love to get new updates every time about PHP then do stay connected with Softqube technologies, a well known PHP Development Company which offers services at affordable rates.

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