3 Common Website Design Myths Revealed by Website Development Company India

June 3, 2015

3 Common Website Design Myths Revealed by Website Development Company India

Like SEO, Web designing field also has certain myths that must be uncovered in order to make things clear in the minds of web designers. We always keep on providing information about SEO; keep on revealing facts about it.

Similarly, now is the time to disclose the myths about web design as well. Our today’s blog will include few common web design myths that generally occur as a hindrance in the website development process.

Website Design Myths

After a detailed research, web designers came to the conclusion that web designs developed keeping in mind the need of customers are most popular. This means to succeed in this field, it’s necessary to keep consumer demand in mind.
However, still people have various misconceptions about the web design and here we have tried to make them clear. So, let’s move ahead and understand web design services in a more appropriate manner.

Some Web Design Myths cleared:

  1. Conflict in designing terms: Sometimes designers fail to understand the difference between terms like as user experience, customer experience and service design. Here, we will clear these things.

    User experience is related to the design pattern which means that with a single touch customer should be able to either navigate or view any web page. The main aim is to make touch point more perceptive.

    With a view to provide an amazing user experience, users must have various competencies like as user research and analytics, interactive design, visual design and front end developers as well as content strategies.

    The main aim of customer experience is to develop and place touch points properly over the entire route of users. At any point of time, if the consistency is broken; every single effort to provide perfect user experience will fail.

  2. Know the Concept of Service Design: As user experience, the main aim of service design is to enrich the online service experience. It combines user experience along with various design tools and methodologies.

    Service design is basically meant to connect all the touch points and channels that come along user’s navigation path. Service designers need to do proper planning, research and design before actually developing the website design.

  3. Difference between User Experience and Design Interface: Yes, this is one of the important things to know when it comes to designing a professional website. Generally, designers get confused between user experience and design interface.

    Design Interface is actually a part of User experience. User experience can exist without design interface. However, there are some differences between the two which are as follows:

    • Design interface is related to specific user interface of any product or service.
    • Design can be a part of user experience but some user experiences have nothing to do with design.
    • Design is responsible for the look and feel of the website where as user experience deals with the overall experience of any product or service.
    • User experience is responsible for the website functionality and it can be improved by improving the design of the website.

Hence, we feel that these above mentioned points are sufficient to distinguish interface from user experience.

Wind Up

With these points, we believe that we have cleared some common myths that confuse designers while creating the websites. Now, once these web design myths are cleared; you can easily develop a well known website design that will help any business owner to get more visitors.

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