SEO Services India: Move To New TLD To Boost Your Search Rankings

June 26, 2016

SEO Services India: Move To New TLD To Boost Your Search Rankings

Someone discovered that by migrating from .com to a. domain, one could drive organic traffic and save on the SEM costs. One main question in SEO today is how the top-level domains like .live, .news, etc are affecting the search engine rankings? SEO services, India specialist says that .com is the safest domain option.

Google has insisted it to be top generic domains to disadvantage in search rankings algorithm. Accept either of the statements at face value to know what data says. Globe Runner, Dallas-based SEO firm, investigates the effect of moving from .com to TLD. It discovered that moving to new TLD makes your site appear at the top of search results.

SEO Services India

Here is what we found:

  1. Marketing the legal industry: SEO is highly competitive and expensive in the world of online marketing for the legal industry. The cost of promoting web presence is rising rapidly with 78 out of Google’s 100 most valuable keywords related to legal. Geographic region and specialty highly segment search for lawyers and some firms spend an enormous amount in paid SEM campaigns. Earlier, PPC campaigns yield average returns rather than running headlong into fierce bidding wars with the competitors, list down the domain with legal referral service and re-launch the site with new design and content strategy.
  2. Results: Within few months, the legal firm sits on the top of organic search results for highly competitive keywords with the help of expert SEO services India. Their ranking is as high as the overall match for an accurate term. It welcomes changes and is ranked several pages down if they are ranked at all. Globe Runner estimates that its site generates the organic equivalent to $ 6400 per month in about 333 keyword phrases of Google. Some of the searches do not include specific terms as Google’s results can be taken into account for the location of the user performing the search.

Being on the first page of search results contribute to a significant jump in traffic to the site. Through the history of the site, very less traffic has been seen coming through organic Google search.

Some sites have started seeing traction immediately after getting hundreds of referrals within a few months. The professionals of SEO services India reveals that the search ranking should be penalized but instead it is thriving without pouring thousand dollars into SEM. The legal industry is witnessing high CPC rates in spite of duplication of products and services. The takeaway for any company that markets themselves online is SEM as it does not represent the best bang for your buck. Softqube Technologies support to grow by giving the best result.

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