5 Secrets for Selecting a Perfect Web Developer

August 27, 2015

5 Secrets for Selecting a Perfect Web Developer

Web Developers are the back bone of any IT firm. Be it any website or any web application development; developers are the most useful resources or we can say important assets of any firm. These are the ones who will develop well known online face of any company.

Hence, it is necessary that you use the right talent or else you may risk your business. We understand the value and importance of time and so we are here to provide you some of the useful tips that will aid you in selecting the right talent.

So, let’s move on and check what these tips are:

Perfect Web Developer

Secrets that will assist you in hiring the right talent:

  • Look for Personal motivation instead of experience: When you hire any talent especially web developers the first thing you should know is how the person will be useful to you, in what way; how will it affect your business, Is this person really an asset or will it result into a complete waste of resources.

    Make sure to choose the developer that fits in your business culture. Let’s say if your business needs people who are self disciplined, self motivated and curious to know new things then you must look for such people who fit in your culture.

    Once the personality traits suit you then it comes the time to look for experience. A well experienced web developer may not be the perfect match for a new firm. Hence, it is necessary for business owners to track the requirements of the company and then select the candidate accordingly.

    This will let you know your company culture and make sure that teams work together.

  • Try your new developer by assigning a small project: So, you feel that this candidate is right for you. However, to ensure that the person is a perfect fit for your organization; assign him/her a small project and you will know what her/his capabilities are and how can he/she be useful to you.

    This will help you to check their efficiency and then know how their potential can be used to get the desired results.

  • Always select developers that have an aptitude: In the technical field, skills get obsolete after every two years. Hence, it is advisable to hire a web developer who loves to learn new things because he/she may have to learn new technologies in near future.

    The simplest way to do so is ask questions related to new technologies and this will show how much a developer is eager to know about new things.

  • Avoid asking detailed questions about programming: Many times we feel that the depth of any one’s knowledge can be known if one knows its history and so with this thought in mind; business owners tend to ask questions such as : Inventor or developer of this programming language, year when it was developed, origin of name and more.

    Well, answers to these questions can be easily known by anyone because now Google has it all. So, such things don’t prove the smartness of the person instead give them a tough task or application and ask them to do it. This will show their smartness.

    In short, to have smart candidates for your business; avoid asking questions for which Google already has the answer.

  • Hire Wisely Fire Quickly: No matter how much time and money you need; use it but hire candidates who sincerely love to work for you. A wrong candidate can lead you to huge losses and a right candidate can bring you tons of profit.

    So, always hire your candidates wisely but fire them if you find that they are in any case badly affecting your business.

Wind Up

Hope these secrets will help you to hire efficient candidates for your firm. Love to know more about such tips and hints then stay connected with Softqube Technologies, Web Development company in India.

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