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Why PHP Scripting Language Is Used By Most Web Designing Companies?

August 8, 2016

Why PHP Scripting Language Is Used By Most Web Designing Companies?

Web design and development market is every changing and evolving as per current trends. There are various languages available to use for web development and design. Among the most common types of platform is the use of PHP language for web development. PHP is quickly becoming one of the most used and effective platform. It can also be used for server connectivity.

Demand for a PHP scripting language

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is quite handy and popular web app development language. It is used as the most common type of scripting language and can also be embedded into HTML language. The newer version of PHP was released in 2011 (5.4 RC2). Today PHP is a widely accepted programming language with the most number of web apps developed in PHP. It is easy to install and more secure, fast and stable compared to other languages. PHP supported websites can easily retrieve information from DB and uses different elements repeatedly. It is more dynamic in nature and helps in the creation of user-friendly websites.

How PHP is becoming a game changer

PHP is kept updated and its regular updates are available on its official website. There are various PHP developed websites and one can keep a track of its internal development as well in PHP projects. One can retrieve a lot of information about PHP from different books and compare it to other languages. It is open source and also certified by Open Source initiatives. According to a recent data, about 75% or more websites are developed by PHP. Scripting in PHP is one of the most common types of language used these days with below features

  1. Runs on server – Most of the scripting languages support only single platform host and operating systems but PHP supports both Linux and windows servers.
  2. With DB – PHP runs well with MS-SQL and therefore supports database. It also runs well with MySQL.
  3. In programming – PHP is supported for programming with meta data and DNS while other languages such as ASP.NET is not an easy language to work with as you need to have admin permissions to implement functionalities. Typically one can accomplish a number of tasks with PHP compared to ASP. This is mainly because POSY Variables and HTTP GET can be created with the help of PHP as global variables, therefore making it a more convenient application.
  4. Cost factor – One of the key reasons why PHP is preferred is because of the less cost and freeware.

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