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How To Develop Responsive Web Design?

July 30, 2016

How To Develop Responsive Web Design?

Almost every website created these days is aimed to support all types of devices such as Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC. There are no websites designed specially to support one specific type of device. The idea is to create one design for all types of mobile, be it Blackberry, Android, iPhone or iPad.

RWD (Responsive Web Design) is an approach with the help of which websites would be developed to provide optimal user experience, easier reading, navigation, scrolling, panning and resizing across range of devices (from desktop to mobile phones). The websites designed using Responsive web design approach would be suitable to provide flexible viewing environment, images and videos according to the device from which it would be assessed. Websites should be designed to respond to user preference and RWD is an approach that would eliminate the requirement of designing and developing websites on different platforms. A website designed with the help of RWD can adapt to any viewer environment by flexible images, proportion-based grids and media queries using CSS3.

The Demand for Responsive Web Design

Designing website via RWD approach is becoming more important these days mainly because of increase in mobile traffic as it involves more than half of the total traffic incoming on the Internet. According to recent web rating reports released by popular search engines such as Google, designing a website through RWD can help boost website ratings as most of the search is made through mobile device. It even has a net effect in popularity and profit making to those websites that are not mobile-friendly. RWD is becoming crucial for business as it helps in achieving goals more quickly. If companies don’t create a mobile friendly website then it is highly likely that visitors won’t hang around and simply move to rival websites.

Features of Responsive web design

There are three features of responsive web design from technical aspects. The first feature is Media queries. The feature allows you to add filters via CSS (Cascading Style sheets) filters and this affects the overall look of any page. The other feature is a flexible layout, which is based on grid formation. It helps in providing positioning of pages, space and margins. The third feature helps is dynamic resizing function giving a lot more flexibility and gives more control over how a page behaves and even enables you to add or remove components as required.

How to get Responsive web design

If you are looking for getting a RWD design for your website then you must look for a good web design company India that can help you get a desirable design. There are various companies that can help you achieve a design but getting services from a reliable and experienced company like Softqube Technologies can be more beneficial.

Responsive web design has completely revolutionized the way people used to access the internet. It gives a unique experience to users by giving a desirable screen resolution to all types of devices. Content can be optimized as per viewing required for particular devices. Make sure that you get RWD services from a reliable web design company in India that can utilize coding and designing expertise to achieve required design.

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