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How PHP is Made Popular by WordPress?

December 31, 2015

How PHP is Made Popular by WordPress?

Yes, you will find something surprising and may re-read the title again. But this is true to an extent. WordPress is a popular application that is built using PHP. There are several PHP frameworks that provide great web building features over the web.

So, how WordPress plays an important role in the popularity of PHP? The popularity of PHP can be identified in various ways. One can easily identify the popularity of technology, web page or an application just by counting the search over particular keyword.

Open source customization is a huge field and there are several things in WordPress development and PHP web page creation can be included in it. Here, we can trace some of the reasons that enable WordPress to make PHP popular among various web development communities.

What is conclusion of this Analysis?

Use Google Trends and show the popularity of all PHP frameworks as well as WordPress. This data will give you a complete idea. It will show the popularity based on keyword searches.

Once this is done, any user can clearly identify the WordPress popularity over other PHP frameworks.

Third Party PHP frameworks are not allowed:

WordPress is an application that is developed completely using PHP without any third party components. It doesn’t need any of the third party components for creating web pages.

Installing WordPress as well as PHP hosting:

If users need to host a WordPress website then it is necessary to resort to PHP hosting services. Users will then think of PHP hosting as well. Users will then do a normal study on PHP installation. This makes PHP more popular.

WordPress Plugin System:

WordPress is basically known for developing blogs. Consider all the blogs that are developed over the web. Maximum number of websites are developed using PHP frameworks.

These WordPress plugins are used to create blogs which are basically developed with PHP language and as a result, WordPress indirectly leads to increase in the popularity of WordPress.

It needs very less or no Programming Knowledge to Develop a Website:

One of the important difference between WordPress and other PHP frameworks is that one can easily create website without any programming knowledge. The person who uses PHP framework can be a professional or experienced programmer who is aware about every aspect of programming.

Those who are aware about the basics of programming can easily use WordPress for developing websites. It makes the users aware about PHP web development and its hosting services.

Can WordPress be used to develop a website?

Well, this is one of the most important questions asked by many people or we can say business owners who wish to develop business websites. WordPress is developed based on PHP and this is the most famous blogging tool.

WordPress cannot be used to develop all types of websites. Let’s say if we are planning to develop an eCommerce website with maximum pages then such websites need SQL databases in huge number.

As a result, one cannot solely depend on WordPress because certain websites like those of eCommerce ones cannot be developed using the same.

Yes, this is a platform that can be used to develop basic websites having few features. For developing web pages like blogs; WordPress is considered to be the Best PHP Framework.

However, this platform is not meant for those who want to develop websites with lots of contents and images. For such websites, one needs to rely only on other PHP frameworks that are meant for this purpose only.

So, next time you think of developing any website using WordPress, make sure to keep in mind the purpose or your business category and if it’s related to eCommerce then kindly avoid using WordPress.

For beginners; WordPress is a blessing but for industry experts if they want to progress then sorry WordPress cannot be your life long partner. For bloggers, this is an amazing platform.

Hence, if you are looking for a perfect blogging platform developed on PHP then WordPress is useful to you. We can say that this one is a perfect boon for beginners, for those who know very less programming but it is definitely not a platform for those planning to jump into the field of eCommerce.

Wind Up:

So, now you might have understood why PHP is popular due to WordPress. Now, just scroll at the top and re read the title again, you will understand why it was written in that way.

So, next time when you will search for PHP frameworks for getting your website developed; keep in mind that WordPress is one of the popular frameworks due to which PHP has become popular.

Get a chance to use this platform and make use of its features to get benefitted from WordPress. For more such details about this well known platform, keep reading our blogs.

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