Benefits of Developing Phonegap Applications

April 1, 2014

Now, business and organization don’t need to invest more money in different platform for creating application for multiple mobile device platforms, because PhoneGap comes on the market with the ability to create a single code base to target multiple devices. It is an outstanding open source technology that allows developers to create a mobile application. Then wrap it in the phone Gap framework and install as a native mobile application across multiple mobile device platforms. Through developing PhoneGap applications, you can save your money that you invest in multiple platforms and also your valuable time.

PhoneGap is helpful to both business owners and programmers who are looking into developing unique and vibrant cross platform mobile applications for business very quickly and with a lot of extra effort. Here, they can develop mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. It’s a best suitable for creating application across a wide range of mobile platforms like iOS, Android platform, and its version Blackberry, Symbian with number of features and functionality.

The biggest problem with mobile application development is its platforms, because each mobile platform has its own coding language. Sometimes design and user interface can be reused, but code can’t be so. In this situation, PhoneGap is best, where you are fundamentally creating the application once and after that making some changes use it on the various platforms to work smoothly. PhoneGap makes the process more efficient by applying the motif of creating once and deploying everywhere.

The applications developed with PhoneGap are more advanced than normal HTML5 mobile websites. With the help of application programming interface (APIs), business and organizations can easily connect PhoneGap application to the Smartphone’s hardware like accelerometer, compass, or camera. One of the best parts of this development is that apps created with this platform have gained incredible fame in the Google play store, apple app store and Windows Store, so anyone can find the exact app for any mobile platform.

However, the SDK needs to be installed for the specific mobile platforms in order to create and innovate PhoneGap based application. For example: If you want to create an Android-related application, then you have to install Android SDK and Android NDK.

There are numerous outsourcing companies that provide the best solution in need of developing PhoneGap applications. They provide experienced and professional developers that are able to create multiple application solution for business, social media, and entertainment. Hence, hire them for developing PhoneGap applications very easily and quickly.

Let’s look at the benefits of PhoneGap application:

  • Support multiple mobile devices
  • Extensive reliability of code
  • Compatible with Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Contacts, Files, etc.
  • Affluent user Interface and functionality
  • No require knowledge of the new language
  • Reduce turnaround time of the market
  • Smooth performance on diverse platforms

Softqube Technologies has years of rich experience in mobile application development. Business and organization can choose us for developing PhoneGap application with competitive price and less effort. We provide PhoneGap development, web development, mobile app development, cross platform mobile application development service to generate mobile and web application through our skilled and talented developers. Feel free to contact us.

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