3.5mm Headphone Jack will now not be Available in IPhone 7

January 17, 2016

3.5mm Headphone Jack will now not be Available in IPhone 7

The 3.5mm Jack will now not be visible in iPhone 7. Cupertino giant is working on new set of wireless ear buds. This wireless ear buds are similar to Moto Hint. These look similar to the combination of Bluetooth Headset as well as hearing aid.

Apple’s wireless ear buds have a noise cancelling microphone system that is developed to support phone calls as well as Siri Commands. Now, there won’t be any wires that connect both the ear buds left and right.

Further, these will have inbuilt buttons that can be used to manage calls and activate Siri. In case, if something needs to be fit comfortably inside the ear then the new wireless buds can have few ear gel options such as Moto Hint.

These will not have ports for charging and these may have carrying case which charges the headphones. All these wireless earbuds will be sold separately from iPhone 7. For creating these wireless ear buds, apple will use resources from Beats deal.

These new ear buds can also be known as Airpods. It is the name of existing wired ear buds which are available with all iPhones and hence known as “Ear pods”. There’s a rumour everywhere that iPhone 7 will not have 3.5mm headphone jack and then lightining port will be used to plug in wired headphones.

With every purchase of an iPhone; Apple provides wired headphones. Hence, people expect that with iPhone 7 too they will get the same wired ear buds. But this time there’s a change it will have wireless ear buds that users will have to purchase separately.


However, it will include those ear buds that can be plugged into the Lighting port. Apple offers software support for all Lightning connected headphones. Most of the audio manufacturers have started preparing headphones that support Lightning port connections.

Most of the third party headphones that connect Lightning include Philips Fidelio, NC1L, JBL reflect Aware and Audeze EL-8 Titanium.

Is there any way to use the 3.5mm Headphones with this new iPhone 7?

Let’s say you wish to use headphones with 3.5 mm jack with the new iPhone. Is this possible? Yes this is possible but with the Lightning converter so one need to buy 3.5mm lightning converter.

After the release of iPhone 7, most of the third parties will start ahead to sell 3.5mm lightning converter which wired headphones can still use. One more option is to purchase Bluetooth audio receivers for the headphones like HDE wireless Bluetooth receiver, Breett Bluetooth4.1 receiver as well as the Mpow Streambot Mini Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.

IPhone 7 will be made thinner if Apple removes this 3.5mm Headphone jack from iPhone. This also makes it simple to have waterproof iPhones. Well, there are many people who are against this procedure of headphone jack removal.

Take Away:

Let us know what you feel. What are your thoughts regarding the same? Do you think iPhone should have 3.5mm headphone jack or do you prefer to use wireless ear buds?

Feel free to share your views with us as these will help us to know where there’s a room for improvement.

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