The Most Googled Joomla Site Problems

November 23, 2015

The Most Googled Joomla Site Problems

Joomla is widely used by huge enterprises to develop their websites. Even though Joomla is so popular; there are many issues faced by its users. Here, in this blog post from Softqube Technologies; a well known web development Company India; we will discuss about the most frequently searched Joomla problems of the year 2015.

Many of you might be involved in Joomla groups on Google + finding a particular solution to a problem. The issue can be related to CMS, Hacks, Site basics or server problems. Joomla site problems occur sometimes.

So, there are people who are able to find the website faults and then they figure out from where to start. Here, there are three routes that we can take. Each has its own ins and outs.

Joomla CMS

Let’s take a look at these problems:

  1. The Server: We all know how to set up the server in order to avoid 500 problems before they actually start. Here’s a smart choice of web host. Many have spent tons of cash for proper hosting of Joomla website.

    Let’s see if these two are recommended then it is nothing to worry about and in case you don’t then in order to make things work; you must do certain things which are as follows:

    Recommended Hosts:

    • Cloud Before hosting your website on this, it is necessary to take a good look at higher quality Joomla host practical features. Here are some of the reasons that will tell you whether cloud access is for you or not.
      • Joomla expert support on Phone
      • Daily offsite backups
      • Price begins at $5 per month ( if yearly payment is done)
      • Official provider of Joomla demo site.
    • Site ground: Provide a couple of pockets to work with and your budget should not be under $5. Let’s take a look at the features offered by Joomla servers:
      • Site Ground’s servers are Joomla friendly. Hence, one doesn’t have to suffer from installation issues.
      • Its in-depth knowledge makes sure that problems are solved properly.
      • The entire Joomla site must be transferred to another platform for free.
      • The website can be hosted in one of the three worldwide data centres providing a fast response from local audience.
      • These include 30 day money back guarantee
      • Currently, it is priced at $3.95 per month
  2. The Site: With all the money that you have saved and not used on hosting; it is necessary to get some professional assistance from experts who can help you to keep the website completely fine.

    Let’s say if you are one of the persons who don’t like to mess up with the code then think several tons of times before using Joomla developer listing. The importance of updates cannot be under estimated.

    Updates are necessary and now days; it is necessary to keep your Joomla website away from problems and for this your website must be properly renovated including extensions.

  3. The Hack: We often get afraid of bad results from websites which are being hacked. One of the best ways to enhance your Joomla site game and to sustain with this unpleasant experience is to get in touch with the service hosting provider.

    Once the website is checked then you will be at ease that no such hack has occurred. This in itself will help to solve problems with a clear head.

Wind Up

When you are using Joomla CMS to run your website then you will become completely aware of various web technologies however if you are just a person who is trying to lead the online page without completely depending on coding then this can be a very tough process.

Always keep checking your Joomla sites so as to avoid any huge financial losses. It is possible and likely that it will not prevent any of the possible problems but it will assist you to keep up on the same way.

So, from now on; make sure to keep checking your Joomla sites on regular basis. For more such tips and tricks about Joomla, stay tuned with us. You can also get in touch with our expert Joomla developers for better guidance.

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