Creative Logo Design to Build Your Brand Reputation

July 7, 2014

Logo symbolizes the company and its business industry. So, before creating any logo design, it is important to know the objective behind its creation. Generally, a logo should be easily recognizable, trustful and it must attract and admire people. Seeing the logo, people should be keen to know about the company and its business sector.

Logos help a business to stand out from the crowd and be different from competitors. It is mostly used for identification purpose. For example, the logo of an apple clearly helps us to remember the name of the popular iPhone company – Apple. Similarly, our logo should imprint our image on people’s mind.

Designing an Effective Logo:

It is very useful for a business to have an effective. This consists of simple yet elegant design including graphics as well as text. Along with a professional look, it must be attractive enough to gain the attraction of visitors and should deliver the required message to the people.

The process of designing an effective logo includes:

  • Research
  • Making a rough sketch
  • Revisions (if needed)
  • Logo Presentation
  • Delivery
  • Proper further assistance regarding any updates.

Along with this process, there are certain main fundamental principles that must be kept in mind while designing any logo:

  • Simple: A good logo must be very simple in look. Along with simplicity, it should also be distinctive and elegant and must reflect the business in a proper way. Simple logos are easy to remember. For example: logo of Android, Logo of Apple company.
  • Memorable: Logo should be easy to remember and it should be designed in such a way that it easily helps to recognize the company name, e.g. Logo of Coca Cola, Logo of Google, TATA DOCOMO etc.
  • No Time Boundaries: While designing any emblem or logo for a company, its effectiveness should be kept in mind. The logo should be effective enough even after 50 years. Any upgrades are welcomed. But, it must be effective enough to gain the visitors of all generations say from young to old. As once the brand identity is developed, it must last for long and this can be possible only with effective logo.
  • Skill Full & Functional: Logos must be developed in variable format so that it easily works in various media applications. They must remain effective in case they are printed in single color, reverse colors such as dark background or dark logo with light background, if re-sized to the size of a postage stamp or huge wallpaper. The best way to create such logos is to commence its designing in black and white as this helps to properly focus on the idea and the shape of the logo. As more and more colors are used, the printing costs will also increase. So, a logo designer must know the difference between various color patterns such as CMYK, RGB and Pantone.

Whether you are looking for something professional, modern or imperative, the graphics designers at Softqube Technologies have the necessary skills and expertise to bring your image to life. By keeping above principles in mind, we design creative logo that will instill a cohesiveness and give the impression of your polished professionalism.

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I am the Managing Director of Softqube Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a modern-day digital transformation, design and development service provider. We provide services to businesses of all verticals across the globe. I believe and live by a mission that I help more entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow profitable businesses.

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