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New Webydo for Professional Web Designers
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New Webydo for Professional Web Designers

What most of the web designers facing today is the issue of coding. They are mostly confused whether to code or not to code. Everywhere you can here several opinions however the truth is to reduce efficiency and work load.

The question is why are you desiging ; is it for fun or for your business? And the answer to this relates to the answer whether to to code or not to code. There are many tools available in the market which offers the ways to develop a site from scratch using user friendly, visually based tools with absolutely no coding.

These differ in style as well as quality while some fit the needs of the experts or need some professional oriented ones. Here, in this blog from Softqube Technologies, we will take a look at one of the web design from the professional view point.

New tool for Web Designers:

Professional Web Designers

Webydo recently released their new version after testing it through various changes. So, here we will look at the new changes and how these can be useful to any web designers.

Webydo upgrades:

New Webydo’s infrastructure has the robust advancement and works better as compared to the previous versions. Workflow is unending as well as fast and comfortable; there are no hassles or waiting times in the sight.

What is Webydo?

Webydo is a cloud based service that is used among the huge web design community. Before using it, ensure that all users will be able to work properly without any interruption.
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As of now, its new website designed by one of the award winning agencies offers a pretty terrific work and now it looks more professional as well as offers the trendy feel.

New User experience and user design:

The platform’s new experience is now upgraded thus offering easy access to all the tools and offer extra quick access to the commonly used ones. Along with its new themes, one can easily meet the demands of current design trends such as parallax scrolling, split screen, full screen video background and much more.

With this new Webydo, one can get a complete business solution for designers thus offering an amazing workflow after developing perfectly designed websites in order to publish and host websites that function properly.

Just using it as a prototyping, wireframing as well as managing or publishing tool, Webydo is one stop solution to all the design needs. Further, designers can easily create pixel perfect responsive websites with completely clean code thus providing a complete SEO impact.

About its Community:

As of now Webydo has a complete community of 170 k professional designers as well as design agencies. For the new version, they are ready to know the suggestions from the community and then alter webydo accordingly.

Among the suggestions, 450 were welcomed by Webydo and then these were implemented among the several changes that can be seen today. Using the feedbacks and suggestions to improve one’s service is really a good idea.

Wind up:

Are you in web designing field? Are you interested to try new tools? Then Webydo is for you. Try out and let us know the results. For more such results, stay connected with Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company India.

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Hari Patel

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