Understanding Web Development in Depth

April 6, 2015

Web development is a field that includes a task of developing a website that is to be visible on the World Wide Web. It consists of various types of tasks such as developing simple web page as well as most complex web based applications and more.

Starting from eCommerce development, Web Design, web content development client side scripting or server side scripting and more, web development includes mainly non- designing aspects of any website such as mark up and coding. Recently, CMS development is also considered to be one of the parts of Web Development.

Website Development

Certain companies have various web development teams that contain expert web developers who have good knowledge to work on standard methods like Agile methodologies. In the same way, small or medium enterprises may need a single developer or web developers based on contract.

This was just an overview of what exactly web development is? Now, let’s understand how web development has flourished as an industry.

Web Development – A booming industry

With the increase in internet usage, the demand for web based applications, ecommerce applications, websites also increase and this has led to the growth of web development. This growth is further advanced by various businesses that are willing to sell products and services on the internet.

Certain web development tools and open source systems are available to boost web development. Some of the factors that contribute to the growth of industry are as follows:

  • Availability of various languages to be downloaded free of charge ( Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP)
  • Ready to use WYSIWYG editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Web Dev, Microsoft Expression Studio. With these softwares, one can quickly learn to develop a web page.
  • Certain set of advanced tools and softwares can help to create dynamic web pages as well as interactive web applications which were previously available only on desktop.

Web development has laid a deep impact on personal networking as well as marketing. Now days, Websites are not only meant for business purpose but also are useful for social networking as well as communication purpose.

Other areas where web development is useful:

Client side coding:

  • Languages like Ajax, Java script are used to enhance user experience.
  • Adobe Flash player, one of the well known Flash Plugins is also used for playing Flash videos.
  • JavaScript is one of the client side platforms used for developing interactive websites as well as various web based applications which run on various devices.
  • Angular js, Backbonejs and others are client side MVC technologies that are used for developing single page applications which can run on mobile as well as desktop.

Developers who are responsible for client side coding are known as Front end developers. On the other hand Server side coding includes various languages like as:

  • ASP.net
  • CFML
  • CGI
  • Groovy
  • Java
  • Lotus Dominos
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SSJS – Server Side Java Script

Sometimes languages like Ruby and Python are used as a combination with database servers apart from MYSQL.

Wind Up

Well, this was just an overview of Web development at a glance. Web development is still a wider field to discuss about. To know more about Web Development, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, an esteemed web development company in India.

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