The Latest Trends in Mobile App Development Technology

July 21, 2016

The Latest Trends in Mobile App Development Technology

In this digital ecosystem, markets are crammed with mobile apps and smartphones. Smartphones and apps have emerged themselves as our real friends in need and playing a decisive part in our life by simplifying our daily tasks. From shopping to ticket booking to money transferring, everything is done with the help of different mobile apps. So, in one word, mobile apps are now leveraged with our life in such a way that our whole life is embraced by them. We can easily say that mobile app technology is thriving and these apps are progressing to make ubiquitous presence everywhere. So, staying up-to-date with the new-fangled trends of mobile app development has become obligatory for everyone rather than an option.

Mobile App Development Trends 2016

Here, we are illustrating some of the latest trends in mobile app technology which have created a profound sound in the market.

  1. Expeditious mobile App development- Companies and enterprises are going through a tough time as they need to cope up with the continuous demand for mobile apps. With these increasing demands, companies are focusing to launch their product more rapidly than ever. The prime focus of app developers is to shorten the development lifecycles and lessen the timeframe between Ideation to launch.  Developers and researchers are trying to invent some more rapid app development tools and frameworks which will reduce the app development time.
  2. Cloud driven technology- Cloud technology is expected to play a crucial role in the revolution of app development. These days users have an inclination to use different kinds of mobile devices. This tends to instigate app developers to give more focus towards the ability of integrating and synchronising apps developed for multiple devices. By using cloud technology, developers can build some functionalities that can be easily accessible from any mobile devices with similar data and features.
  3. Wearable technology- Wearable technology is the latest inclusion in this app development technology. Till now apps for wearable devices which were mainly confined to fitness and health care industry but very soon enterprises will use wearable devices to enhance their productivity and efficiency.
  4. Mobile payments and m-commerce- According to statistics, 19% of retail ecommerce sales in 2014 will be made by using smartphones. Analysts have faith in this trend and they believe in coming years that more customers will show their inclination towards m-commerce. With the invention of Google wallet and Apply Pay, more customers are using mobile phone to pay or purchase instead of debit or credit cards. This will motivate app developers to build such mobile apps which can assist customers in their transaction.
  5. Internet of Things (IOT)- Internet of Things is continuously climbing upwards with more and more people connecting via different devices.  Apps are upgraded or matured to their next level as they are tethered with multiple connected devices. This will encourage developers to keep more concentration on user experience on several devices.
  6. Prioritise user experience by using Big data and data analytics- As day by day customers are getting habituated with tablets, smartphones and wearable devices, app user experience will become more difficult than ever. Here, data analytics can play a pivotal role by helping mobile app developers to bring more advancements to the user experience.

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