Know about Social Logins

September 2, 2015

Know about Social Logins

Have you heard about Social Logins? Today in this blog post from Softqube Technologies, Website Developers India we will learn everything about social logins, what they are, how they are useful and more.
So, let’s begin:

Social Logins – What are they?

With Social logins one can sign up on any app with their social media accounts may be Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Most of the mobile applications now allow this one time sign up by just providing a username and password.

It is a type of an open id which can be used to create accounts with same user name and password. It allows people to use one same password and username for accessing different systems. To understand this in a proper manner, here we have provided some social login examples:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest app uses the Social login where in users can sign up and connect their Pinterest with Facebook. On the other hand, Pinterest can also post on the users’ Facebook timeline thus providing more product exposure as well as sign up from friends of their users.
  • Stumble Upon: This is a social networking platform that offers a social login option which shows how social logins can make the login process easier for people. As compared to entering email and password, signing up via your Facebook account seems to be a simple process.If we talk about normal login option of Stumble upon then it asks for various fields like Name, email, Username, Password, Birth, Date and Sex. This information can be made available from a person’s Facebook profile.
  • RunKeeper: Social supports provide health benefits. It is one of the good reason why it is good for Run keeper. This is a mobile app that is used to track running activities as well as provides option to connect with social media accounts.Posting various activities on social media can be one of the ways for getting socially engaged, motivated and providing support for runners who use this app.
  • Karma: This is a pocket sized WiFi hotspot which allows people to connect and share wireless internet connection. Those who log in using their Facebook account can use person’s Facebook profile data like as Facebook ID, email address and photo.Facebook social login is an option to sign up but it is not mandatory. Here, users have choice whether to sign up using email id or using their Facebook account whatever is convenient to them.

How these social logins are beneficial?

While using social logins, users can easily sign in to the sites and apps within just few clicks. It also offers users particular process irrespective of the site they are actually signing into. Also, the need to manage several accounts can also be reduced.

  • Users who wish to connect their social network to the apps grants you the ability to auto suggest their account settings.
  • It makes your app more social and engaging which spreads the word about the app as well as creates more opportunities to get engaged.

Wind Up

Social logins are really useful as it saves effort and time. Most well known social media logins are Facebook, Twitter and Google. For more updates about such new tools; stay connected with us.

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