Maximum share of Social Media in Driving Referral Traffic
Maximum share of Social Media in Driving Referral Traffic
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Maximum share of Social Media in Driving Referral Traffic

As per a survey carried out by content marketing hub, most of the referral traffic is derived from social media. If we talk about December 2014 then 21% of referral traffic was from social media. This sounds to be really interesting for people who love to invest in social media marketing and these encourage more people to invest in social media.

If we consider the investments and consider the graph then steady downward progression can be seen in the referrals from search. Social referrals are sometimes unstable if we look at the half of previous year.

Social referrals are important for any business as they are the major source of any website traffic. If we further discuss about this then share of traffic is divided among each social network. For e.g.: 10% from Facebook, 20% from Twitter and so on.

These are just examples. Facebook actually leads the social media network by generating maximum referral traffic.

The total traffic share is of 15- 25% and if we talk about the overall growth then it is 58.58% from Dec 2013 to Dec 2014.

For Other Networks, Data is as Follows

  • Pinterest saw a rapid increase of 5.82% in the traffic share.
  • The share of twitter reduced to 27.03%
  • The share of Stumble upon was dropped by 42.71%
  • YouTube’s share reduced by 93.24%.

Now, if every network is experiencing decrease then how we can say that social media is an important tool that increases the referral traffic. To get the answer to this question, we need to take a look at traffic trend from the year 2011 -2014.

Social Media
If we look at this graph then we can see that Facebook has an upward trend and Pinterest share kept on increasing till March 2014 and then it started declining and other networks provided steady traffic during the period of 3 years.

So, if we talk about referral traffic generated from various social networks keeping in mind this report then Pinterest needs to re develop its marketing strategy if it wants to experience growth. As per some experts, Pinterest is a huge pack of different contradictions and so it provides proper potential along with equal amount of frustration.

Brands recognize their commercial value and so they show their interest to invest several dollars for gaining maximum number of Pinfluencers. However, the full potential of Pinterest is not yet discovered and in order to discover that potential, Pinterest needs to develop huge market appeal.

Then how one can make maximum use of Social media to drive traffic on the website? Here are some few factors that will help to do so:

  • Short quotes must be included: While posting links to different blog posts, it is advisable to include a small excerpt or quote as this makes it easy for fans to know about their expectations when they click on any link.This note should be added at a place where the topic is summarized as well as it tempts the fans to click on the link.
  • Images are important: Images must be of perfect size that suits the timeline and also can be viewed easily in fans news feed. This recommended size varies depending on the users. However, the size 1200x 630 is ideal. It is perfect for all images that are attached with the links.
  • Make most use of Facebook links: Including links back to the site is an easy way and these links must be included in all the places such as About Us Page, photo descriptions, comments as well as mile stones.
  • Make use of Facebook Ads: Making the best use of Facebook ads to drive traffic is a perfect way to support the current strategies. Facebook retargeting is also useful to get more website visitors.

Wind Up

Now, be ready to get maximum referral traffic from social media networks and Facebook is the one that keep on dominating the social media market and it will continue to be. To get more tips about increasing referral traffic via social media network stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, Online Marketing services provider in India.

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