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Social Media Marketing: A lot more than Creativity

January 17, 2015

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, slowly social media is changing its way and now it has got completely transformed into internet science. Advanced algorithms signify the impact and success rates of various campaigns. Content and message can be easily altered to make sure that every kind of success is achieved through the campaigns.

Now, social media doesn’t rely only on creative content instead it also based on the campaign you create, not developing any campaign can lead to low return on investment.

Type of content needed by Consumers on Social Media sites

Consumers always prefer the content that relates to them and this occurs at a very deeper level of subconscious mind and anything from the dress colour of any model can easily affect the campaign to an extent.

On the other hand simplicity is what is preferred the most by technology. Every single thing such as dress colour and other basic things provide accurate results when data from A/B testing is fed into algorithms.
This clearly shows what is suitable for which people like a small thing say dress colour. For instance, checking what colour will attract users of mobile devices can be easily determined from reports and final result is generated like this:

Pink colour dress will work for most of the female audience of the age 23-28 years and the more focus is on Android mobile devices.

Where do queries come from?

Most of the queries are the result of creative output and solving these queries is a starting point and most of the campaign aspects like as target audience are to be easily defined. Basic parameters are defined and then scientific metrics are to be applied. Many permutations are developed and easily determined.

How goals are met?

Various goals are set and parameters are selected according to meet the goals. When the campaign is to be started, different ad permutations are run on weekly basis and then it can be clearly determined what works and what not.

In general terms, advertising on social media means either to achieve target or to miss the target and it is necessary to change this mindset like outdoor advertising. Social media is a means that is flexible and interactive and equally measurable. Campaigns must be tweaked and altered in order to make proper use of money invested.

If we closely look at campaigns, 25% of these use single advertisement while very few of them use three or more advertisements. This difference is because marketers are unaware as to when the campaigns must be redesigned or when they must be improved.

On the other hand, if campaigns are successful in attracting target audience and no standards are needed to identify consumer interaction. Measurable efficacy is a perfect tool for those business having tight budgets.

Making use of technology and scientific algorithms provides comfortable time and reduces the time wasted to analyze numbers. It is the dire need to get valuable resources employed with a view to solely concentrate on strategy.

Wind Up

So, now if any of the SEO experts is developing social media marketing then they must keep in mind that Social media is not about only creative content but also proper campaigns as well as budgets and consumer interests.

In order to get a relevant Social media strategy built stay in touch with online marketing service provider Softqube Technologies.

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