Making Maximum Use of Your Magento Store Reviews

September 22, 2014

Magento as we know is a well known eCommerce platform that is used to develop online stores. So, how can you make an eCommerce store better and effective in getting sales? Customers are the ones that can help you to improve on timely basis.

How? It’s simple with the help of their reviews; we can know what they need and how we can improve ourselves. Most of the online shoppers purchase products after reading the reviews from other buyers and here is they are the most helpful ones.
Store Reviews

These are an important way to maximize sales and get maximum buyers. As per a survey, 90% of buyers consider these reviews as personal recommendations and so they deeply trust them. So, your Magento eCommerce store must have a good reviews section that displays all the latest reviews from the buyers.

Now, apart from just increasing sales and getting more customers; Reviews help a lot in other ways and here we are to discuss about some of these creative ways that Magento stores use and get great results with these reviews:



Have a Look at Some Examples:

  • Adore Me – Product Development:
    This is a Magento based store of a popular lingerie brand which brings out new collections every month. This company keeps on launching new products in the market and so for them customer reviews are most important.Let’s see an example of how reviews helped them to grow:

    This company used to sell a combo of tops and bottoms, now as per the reviews they came to know that customers were happy with the tops but disliked bottoms and that’s the reason most of the people won’t purchase it because only tops were not available.So, finally keeping these reviews or we can say customer’s feedback in mind they started selling tops and bottoms individually rather than a combo and this helped them to get more sales.

    Now, this shows that how reviews can help to know the demand and if these are really put to action then they can work wonders and proper reasons for low sales or no sales can be known. These help to improve your product development strategy.

  • Car parts King: This is a kind of eCommerce store developed on Magento that gives more importance to content and its blog has exclusive quality articles that you will really love to read. So, let’s see here how customer reviews helped them.

    Scenario: Generally, on their blogs reviews are placed on the top so as to attract buyers because as we discussed most of the buyers tend to purchase things after reading reviews and hardly anyone wants to be the first reviewer.These people utilize their reviews to automate their search engine optimization techniques. From the reviews, they get search terms that helped those visitors to reach to the product and in this way they are able to get good fine search terms that can really help visitors to search their products among the search results. So, a single SEO friendly review system helped them to transform readers into customers.

    Hence, your reviews should actually work for you and they must be easily available in search results and this will advance your SEO strategy without much hard work. A SEO centric review system will make your store as well as products easily available to the experienced online shoppers who will definitely make a sale.

  • Paradise Fibres: This is a Magento based store that deeply relies on reviews and so this is a perfect online shop to know the exact results that store reviews can actually give you. Reviews on their product pages are displayed with a question and answer section.This is really a good technique because those who are serious to make a purchase can ask product related questions in that question and answer section as this ensures them they are buying a product that is definitely going to suit their need.The most important thing is that any past buyer as well as company’s staff can answer these questions and in this way buyers stay connected to each other. The greatest advantage of this is past buyers can often pay a visit to your store and all new as well as old customers can get in touch with each other and also with the staff members and this creates a big community that loves to help one another.

    Responding reviews quickly is a way to get loyal customers because they know someone at the other end is really interested to solve their queries and help them to make a purchase.

Wind Up:

Hence, today we came to know an amazing but useful thing that reviews can actually help to develop a better product development strategy, make SEO techniques easy and build a community of loyal customers. Now, it’s time for you to have a very nice review section in your Magento store that will help you to identify customer’s needs, increase sales as well as make necessary changes to earn more.

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