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Important Website Lessons That Work For Websites
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Important Website Lessons That Work For Websites

Website design has three important pillars and each of these have a unique place and importance in life. Every website has different motivation and expectation. So, what these main pillars are? These three pillars are: client, designer and user.

These three must be in a perfect harmony. However, sometimes this hierarchy actually gets mixed up due to the constitution of its process. As a result, we can find innumerable websites that are mixed up with various extra issues due to lack of communication or we can say proper understanding between client and the designer.

In order to sort out these issues, we must first improve the website design and here we have mentioned three important lessons that will be used to develop a website in a perfect manner as needed by the client:

Important Tips for Developing Proper Websites:

  • What seems important is not actually important: As we discussed above, there are three important pillars of a website; client, user and designer. Now, here the user feels that he/she is the important part as without which clients won’t be able to get what they want.On the other hand, clients feel that they are the important part for any website as the website is developed entirely by their money. Apart from this, the designers believe that they are the important parts because without them it’s impossible to get an attractive website.But, leaving all these behind; we can say that Design is the thing that has more significance. It is a part that connects clients, designers and users with each other. However, sometimes clients demand for unnecessary features and on the other hand, designer tries to influence the clients with some other cool features.

    And in the row between the two; the “User” is actually forgotten and as a result the website that is developed is for clients and not for the users. This is the reason why many of the websites fail to achieve proper user attraction because they actually lack the things that can catch the users’ attention.

  • There’s a big difference between the Need and Want of Clients: Generally, client’s fail to understand the need of users and they are usually suffering from the Copycat syndrome which means that what others have in their website; they must have too.This totally diverts the attention of a client and he/she forgets that a website is actually made for the user and not for her /him own self. Hence, the website is unable to connect users with the business.For instance: One of our clients wanted to get their website developed using Joomla platform. Now when we asked why actually he needs a website; the answer was to display the products but he was unaware which platform will best suite his business.

    The thing is the aim is not clear, the need is not clear and as expert web designers; we must actually make him understand what actually he wants and this will help us to develop a perfect website as needed.

    In short, websites are used to make things easier. To locate things easily, yes attractive design is important but if it takes too much time to find the things needed then users may leave it without noticing the attractive design.

    Hence, a website should be more user centric rather than client centric and this can be only possible if website design actually have proper knowledge of what users actually need. So, it is always advisable for business owners to get in touch with reputed Web Design Company like Softqube Technologies.

Wind Up

In a nutshell, this blog post says that; while developing a website; keep in mind the principle of “Less is More” and try to develop simple, elegant looking website design that actually are useful to the users.

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Hari Patel

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