New Trends of Website Design : Data Patterns and Generative Patterns
New Web Design Trends: Data Patterns and Generative Patterns
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New Web Design Trends: Data Patterns and Generative Patterns

As IT field keeps on constantly updating, same is the case with its sub fields. Designing trends constantly keep on changing as per the need and hence it is necessary for designers to stay updated with these trends.

Here, in this blog today we will discuss about some new Web Design trends that are currently prevalent in the market which are as follows:

Newly launched Web Design Trends:

Website Design Trend 2015

Data Patterns in Web Design:

  • Double Pi: This is one of the very useful data patterns that can be used to develop dynamic patterns by using responsive particle animation that follows the mouse cursor.
  • Data Seeing: This delivers an idea of the website after working with several data static patterns. These completely develop a design and then implement the theme.
  • Nathan Riley: This trend greets the audience with an enchanting front page design. It enhances the backdrop, creates a good first impression and adds value to the normal atmosphere.
  • Microwave Fest: This offers a unique interesting typography along with data intensive landing page. It really is useful to catch people’s attraction.
  • Ecessa: It provides a complete atmosphere which is perfectly suitable to the concept. Some of its data patterns are used for several back drops in order to get a powerful general feeling.
  • NewsTech: This has a strong high tech vibe that catches the complete attention and its home page is a perfect example of proper infographic style components as well as ghost buttons. Every detail gets easily mixed with the environment as well as the concept.
  • Uber Brand: This has a perfect dynamic charming background. It completely highlights the body content as well as develops a good first impression that is required for gaining maximum of potential clients.
  • Inome: This data pattern incorporates a completely innovative, eye catching and dynamic data inspired patterns into the background. The data can be easily actionable with this pattern.
  • Aspire One: It has a very clean and subtle front page along with sufficient amount of white space and streamline navigation that offers users a perfect focal point. The top of the page is marked by the crafted data pattern which fits easily creating perfect zest.

Generative Patterns:

  • JJ: This generative pattern has an unmatched wonderful personal portfolio which is dependent on cosmic vibes generated by a generative pattern which moves on perfectly with neon supplementary colouring as well as iconography.
  • Petar Stojakovic: If you really wish to offer perfect user experience to your clients then this is the trend that you can use while developing websites.
  • Wine Explorer: Developed by using complete artistic tricks, it has an amazing website design which includes fancy patterns, iconography, chalk style graphics and lots more.
  • Black pen: This has several generative patterns including geometric shapes like as triangles, circles, and lines etc which add the feeling of complete simplicity.
  • Giant Steps Media: This is one of the best examples of generative patterns. It has a very well interactive front page where the generative pattern is what that catches the complete attention.

Wind Up

So, with these patterns expert web designers can easily include a complete sense of style, modernity and high technology. Yes, certain patterns are so simple yet they easily convey the idea thus making project interesting and straightforward.

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