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13 Apr

Android App Platform Streamlined With New Cloud Platform

Consumers nowadays have more expectations from businesses and they wish to get services at a faster space. This is done easily with the help of mobile. Hence, they are constantly in search of ways through which apps can be produced efficiently and at regular intervals.

To meet this need, Android has come up with Genymobile which is a cloud based platform that is used by enterprises to develop, test and service Android applications over the entire application life cycle while maintaining the development process.

Geny Mobile - A Cloud Based Platform

What is Geny Mobile?

It is a cloud based emulator which combines collaboration as well as automation features. This allows developers, Quality analysts as well as UI/UX designers, sales and marketing, help desk teams as well as business decision makers in order to examine the apps at any development stage on 3000 + virtual device configurations quickly via web browser.

It is necessary for mobile development to be a smooth process rather than becoming a burden. Its SaaS solution increases the efficiency over the mobile application delivery value chain.

Everyone who is related to this project will have the required information available as and when needed. This doesn’t mean faster market time however this means better quality, reliability and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Collaboration features include the ability to provide demo of app’s functionality on any Android device through a web browser that allows sales and marketing to provide market feedback before the application is complete.

Customized virtual device configurations must be shared remotely thus allowing developers to work on same project so that identical local development must be shared easily.

Any updated application that is under development process can be shared for review which means developer teams, UX or UI engineers can easily collaborate via the project. This cloud based platform also offers automation features like as continuous integration support, compatibility with on-premise CI infrastructures like as Jenkins Bamboo.

Further, code test is simplified with standard HTTPS REST and Java APIs that help developers to create a testing device, install an application, run and test it along with multiple device configurations.

It is also compatible with standard integrated development environments such as Android Studio and Eclipse.

Features of Geny-mobile:

  • GM Tool feature: It allows to control Genymotion directly from the command line. This tool allows the use of every command of Geny motion in the order of automated action series.
  • Integration Server Compatibility: Just configure your virtual devices directly from build.gradle file so that tests can be run automatically on the virtual devices.

    With Gradle plugin; one can combine the use of Gradle build system with Genymotion.

  • Manage your device completely: With this, a virtual device can be easily customized and cloned in order to serve it as a baseline for various other iterations and tests or one can also use factory reset tool in order to reset customized device in the same way when it was first loaded.

Take Away

Now, Android apps can be easily developed with this cloud based platform. Stay connected with us for more such details and information.

For updates related to Android, stay connected to Softqube Technologies, Android Application Development Company in India offering affordable cost effective Android app development services.

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