Some Tips for Using Hash Tags In Social Media

February 7, 2015

Everywhere, we see #hashtags in posts available in social media. Every major site makes maximum use of hash tags. LinkedIn is the exception. Now, not only twitter but hash tags can be seen on face book as well as other social media sites.
On some of the social networks, one can find the information by hash tags.

The list is as follows

Network Search by hashtag? Click on hashtags? Number of hashtags to use per update
Twitter Yes Yes 1-2
Facebook Yes Yes 1-2
Instagram Yes Yes Up to 9
Google+ Yes Yes 3-5
Google Search Yes Yes 1
YouTube Yes No 2-3
Pinterest Yes Yes 1-2
Tumblr Yes Yes 1-4
Vine Yes Yes 1-2
Flickr Yes Yes Up to 7
It is important to make effective use of hash tags to get most out of it. Here are some best practices that can be involved to get the best advantage of hash tags. We will take a look at every social site to understand these in a better way.

  • No Hash tags for LinkedIn

    Hash tags, unfortunately don’t work for LinkedIn. While searching any information using hash tags, it will reveal same results as it will be using keywords.

    If the similar update is posted on twitter or any other social site then you can get relevant results. So, next time when you post updates with hash tags on Linked In, keep in mind it won’t generate desired results.

  • Hash tags on Twitter

    The hash tags are those generated from twitter and now these work on many platforms. These are definitely worth if used on any other platform except the above one. Twitter is the mother of hash tags.

  • A snapshot of twitter hash tags is as follows

    Use hash Tag in Twitter

    Hash tags are easily clickable on twitter. Once you click any hash tag, all tweets related to that particular tag will appear. Avoid using too many hash tags in a single tweet. As per twitter best practices, at the most two hash tags can be used in a single tweet.

    Hash tags must be used in Camel Case. For example: #InternetMarketingTrends will generate more traffic than #internetmarketingtrends. Hope you can find the difference. Hash tags written in camel case are easier to read. These are not case sensitive so it’s okay to use caps to increase and improve readability.

  • Hash tags on Facebook

    After twitter, Face book also started using hash tags and now more brands prefer to use them. As per Face book experts, these are not as popular as they are on twitter. So, one must use them judiciously on other platforms.

    More than two hash tags are not allowed and so this best practice must be used here as well.

  • Softqube Technologies Facebook Sharing

  • Hash tags on Instagram

    Instagram is very hash tag friendly. These are used as captions in the images and here one can use more than ten hash tags. The main purpose of using hash tags on face book as well as Instagram is that wherever the image is shared; those hash tags will be picked up by other networks.

    As a result, hash tags will reach more people. For those who need double benefit can definitely start using hash tags on Instagram as well as Face Book. With hash tags, one can easily create the group of images on Instagram. Never allow unlimited hashtags as it can suppress the user engagement.

Well, this is not the end. In our next session we will discuss about using hash tags on other social media platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Till then, stay tunned with posts from Softqube technologies, a well known Internet Marketing solutions provider India.

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