The Most Useful Readable Serif Fonts for your Next Web Design Project

April 10, 2016

The Most Useful Readable Serif Fonts for your Next Web Design Project

The main element of any web design is typography as well as the selection of fonts that can be used in your project. Yes, we never pay any attention on the same but this can have a huge impact on how these are to be perceived.

According to experts, a wise website design shows that different purposes have different website fonts like as Serif is used best for printed works where as Sans Serif works best for Headlines.

We mainly focus on readability in web design and hence we will only discuss about Serif fonts as these are considered the most legible ones as compared to any other font. So, today; let’s quickly go through the installation process of WordPress font and then choose one by one.

Best Fonts for Website

Adding Fonts to WordPress website:

There are two ways through which you can add fonts to your WordPress website. One is making some simple CSS modifications however these can get annoying in case you wish to try few of them.

Another way is to use plug-ins. One such Font plugin in WordPress is “Use Any Font”. It is a very useful plugin that allows you to upload third party fonts to your server with a simple user interface.

These can be used further via WordPress editor without the need of additional setup. It is useful for both TTF and OTF file extensions.

So, here are some of the useful fonts for your next Web Design Project:
  • Calendas Plus: This was the font launched in 2010 when it was designed for a calendar project. It’s a classic type face that is designed to be completely readable even when used in small sizes. It is available for free.
  • Bitter Ht: It is a serif font having bold design which was developed to use for eBooks. Hence, we can say that it is optimized for readability even at lower resolutions.
  • Fritz: Another unique Serif font that has letters with thin stems and arms having unbracketed serifs with mechanical look. The fonts are available in four variations having multiple weights. It is available in all major font formats.
  • Cinzel: It is a classic type face that is developed from Latin alphabets having modern contemporary twist to its design. This font was designed specifically to be included in Google Fonts library.
  • Modum: This is a serif font with a modern feel. It was awarded” My Fonts Font of the month” award and also “Merit award” from International Typography competition.
  • Margot: This works well in small prints and gives a shining when used in posters and signage thus making it perfect for big designs with readability as main motive.
  • Medio: Another elegant serif font which seems to be a combination of thin and wide strikes and stems thus leading to attractive visual effect. This is not spotted easily while using small sizes.
  • Ainslie: It is a semi serif font developed by its creators originated from Canberra Australia Centennial Typeface Competition. This will be available in 42 variations.
  • Aleo: A sleek slab serif font which is still highly readable. It is free font that will be available in six different styles as well as its bold version is useful for important headlines that are to be highlighted.

Take Away

So, for your next web design project; try to use any one of these fonts and give a perfect look to your website that has easily readable fonts. There are many more available on the internet.

To get proper guidance from experts; stay tuned to Softqube Technologies to avail best web design ideas.

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