Solving Common Website Development Problems

April 17, 2016

Solving Common Website Development Problems

Revolution is a part of business. Everyone is busy in reaching at heights as in today’s modern era; it is necessary to have good presence on internet. This shows that it is mandatory to have a website development.

eShopping, today has become everyone’s need. Retailers and wholesalers now join their hands with huge eCommerce giants. It is impossible to ignore the global outreach of online services.

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Just having a website is not enough. One must take its utmost care and it is necessary to identify the disorder before making any plan to fix it. So, every trouble you face in your website will help you to learn one or the other thing.

Well, every time it is not possible to pick that problem. Hence, here we have listed some common website development problems and if you find any of them in your website then it will be easy for you to find its solution:

Some common website development problems:

  • Broken Links: What are broken links? These are the ones that lead you nowhere. For example; when you click on any link on the website and the page opens in new tab showing an error “404 Page not found”.Another example of broken links is when you get redirected to the irrelevant page post tapping on any link. Misspelt links can also be considered as broken links.These links can affect Google a lot thus leading to website block or website penalty for non compliance of Google guidelines.How to solve this: Carry out monthly analysis programme of your website. Check out all the links whether they are redirecting to correct page or not. Online tools can also be used for tracking link issues.
  • Low website loading speed: We always prefer to have a domain space from those who have their own server. Google shows that more than one billion websites have been registered.There are many website owners that share the same server space. In case, the number of websites on a single server crosses thousand then you will face slow loading speed.Also, heavy videos, images with high resolution can reduce the loading speed.How to overcome this problem: Here, you can use Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool which shows you why your website is loading at a slow speed. It runs an analysis programme and shows the appropriate cause which will then make it easy for you to take necessary steps.
  • Unique Page Titles: Every internal page of the website has its own title tag. One can move the cursor slightly up above URL bar. The content that we can see on moving the mouse over it displays the tag.Static and dynamic websites are different however this problem can be seen in both. Avoid using the same title for every page as this will confuse search engine thus leading you to a loss.How to solve this: Google Search Console can help you to sort out this problem. One can examine this by adding your site’s name in “”. The moment you add it, you will get HTML errors such as duplicate meta description, missing title tag and sometimes absence of description.
  • Canonicalization problems: If any individual page of the website is accessed via multiple URLs then this is known as canonicalization. This is very bad for website ranking and search engines will give preference to those URLs that is relevant to search query.Solution: First of all, check all URLs and then with this format; one can easily fight with the site trouble. Make sure that URL is redirecting to chosen format and then you have option to redirect the page to 301.

Take Away:

Keep in mind these issues while developing any website. Make sure to refer this blog post while developing any website. For more such information, stay tuned to Softqube Technologies, web development India.

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