Tips To Hire Efficient Web Developers

June 8, 2014

Web developer is the one who is solely responsible for creating your online presence and enabling you to communicate virtually with the viewers. The task of appointing a web developer is very crucial for your business or you may fail to present your business perfectly in front of the visitors on the internet.

Tips to Elect the Perfect Candidate for Your Business

  • Prefer qualities before experience:

    The first and foremost thing for any business is to have employees with firm determination, willingness to do hard work, provide extra contribution in the progress of the company and must be self-motivated. Next is the experience as it will help the company to assist the clients in a better way. Web developers must fit in your company’s culture.

    You must hire dedicated developers keeping in mind the characteristics of your company so that there are no disputes later. Most of the candidates have good skills to fake in the interview so you must be able to evaluate them in other ways.

  • Assign a small project to the new developer:

    Even if you think you have identified the perfect web developer, you must cross check its skills by assigning him/her a small project so that you can identify additional things such as behavior at work, ideas, creativity, time taken to complete the project and much more.

  • Choose a web developer who can adapt itself to the new technologies:

    As we know technology keeps updating on daily basis. With updating technologies, necessary skills are also required to learn them and frame applications based on that. A web application developer must be able to easily grasp these updates and work accordingly so that the applications developed match the latest trends.

    You can test the candidate by asking several questions that will let you know whether he/she has a flair for learning new things or not.

  • Questions to be avoided during interview:

    Questions related to the history of programming languages, founder, creators, launching dates of programming languages, derivation of the terms. For e.g.: From which Latin term did the word Python arrive?

    These types of questions must not be asked to the web developers during interview as it has nothing to do with developing web applications. Such questions are just for one’s knowledge and don’t help in determining the smartness of the interviewee. Avoid asking questions are easily found on the internet as anyone can answer them and pass the interview.

    It’s better to ask open ended questions as they show how much the developer is interested in answering and its views can also be known.


Well with these tips, you can easily hire a dedicated web developer for your business or if you have a project and want to be done it at affordable rate then you can choose our Softqube technologies web development company. We have virtual web developers to you and assist you in accomplishing your project successfully.

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