Simple Ways to Protect WordPress Site

June 1, 2014

You may probably hear or read about the giant botnet violation on WordPress-based websites. Whereas the WordPress developers work hard and best to keep the WordPress platform safe and secure, if you are the owner of the WordPress website, then you also need to pay attention to these potential security risks, in order to improve your WordPress security. Because having your WordPress site hacked can be damaging to your reputation and your business.

As most popular CMS, WordPress now has a large and active community using plug-ins, themes and fixes, but when the thing becomes bigger, people find ways to crack it. Like that, some random hackers find the way to attack this CMS. So now is question how you can protect your WordPress website?

Don’t Panic! Here are some important things that you should do to make sure your site is as safe and secure as possible.

Keep Your Site Updated:

When new updates are available for WordPress – never ignore these! It’s imperative that you stay advance on your WordPress themes, installs and plug-in for surety that any current vulnerabilities have been fixed up. WordPress will reveal the upgrade notices when you login. Continue updating your record and stay up to date.

Delete Inactive/ Old Themes and Plug-ins:

WordPress themes and plug-in which are introduced on your WordPress site, but are at present quiet or old versions are security risks. They may not be the most breakthrough and have security holes that malevolent attacks can exploit. The best bet is to delete any themes and plug-in that you are not presently utilizing and stick with what you require.

Disable the Theme/Plug in Editor:

The person who figure your administrator login or secret word are able to access your theme or plug-in files and insert their own malicious code. Disabling the implicit Theme and Plug in text editor within WordPress ensures that these intruders aren’t ready to alter your Theme or Plug in code in any capacity.

Keep Your .htacess File Safe:

The .htaccess file is just like the guardian for your website’s metaphorical guts. It permits you to control authorizations of files, means you can figure out who has access to particular documents or document types. It’s a concealed file that sits in the root directory of your website, and you’ll have to show concealed file so as to have the capacity to get to it.

Add a Firewall:

Just like .htaccess whitelist, a firewall will just permit known IPs to get your FTP server allow, permitting just known IPs access to wp-login.php. This will help you to contact your website hosting provider to set up

In conclusion, website security should be first thing in the minds of website owners to stay ahead in the competitive market. Hope, above tips could be a solid start and useful to boost boost your WordPress website security.

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