Tips to Clean your eCommerce Site

March 24, 2016

Tips to Clean your eCommerce Site

Like we clean our house at regular intervals; it is necessary to clean our virtual assets as well. Yes, you got it right. By virtual assets; I mean; our website- be it a simple one or an eCommerce site. This is the time to take stock and clean away those things that you don’t need.

For website owners; this is necessary as it helps to attract new customers and also to get good rankings. So, here in this blog post; we have mentioned some of the tips that can be used to freshen up your website.

Tips to Refresh the Site:

  • Conduct a content audit of the site and find out the pages that are performing well: Content audit is one of the well known website cleaning projects. If you take a look around then there are various websites that contain heaps of old data which can be easily consolidated, updated or repurposed or may be deleted in order to create a better user experience which will boost your SEO rankings and onsite conversions.

    Download the database of entire website and then start working with every page to be labelled as Keep, Discard, Repurpose or Consolidate. Make use of Web Analytics Programme and get the top 10 as well as worst 10 pieces of content.

    eCommerce Site

    Let’s say if the page gets closer to zero views per month then it is a clear sign that there’s an issue. It can be related to page dates or may be lack of visibility or may be a serious revision. One can easily spot a problem and then find the way to fix it.

  • Do image clean up, optimization and refresh them: Images can date the website faster than words. With new images, the website will have a fresh look. This will help you to get more sales as well as new product shots which showcase the products in action.

    There are people who refuse to conduct a fresh cleanup. Large eCommerce websites accumulate thousands of images. This makes it longer and frustrating to find the images that one needs to use.

    This issue can be fixed by implementing a naming convention for images. This will make it easier to use images everyday as well as conduct an image clean up. On the other hand; you must also start optimizing the images. WordPress provides a plugin that can do the compression automatically.

  • Repair the broken links: These links hurt your Google rankings however visitors and customers who click on the broken link will usually bounce back. Various tools are available here like as which allows you to find the broken links. Once you find them, take time to fix these.
  • Review your SEO strategy and rewrite product descriptions: SEO has latest trends every now and then hence it is advisable to keep your website updated as per these trends. So, keep reviewing your website’s SEO Strategy and do take time to look over your product descriptions. Rewrite them and try to give your readers something new to read.

Take Away:

With these tips; you can easily give a new structure to your eCommerce site. So, follow them next time when you wish to redesign it. Try to make it more responsive and interactive but in a different way.

Hope this blog post was useful to you. For more such tips and tricks; stay connected with Softqube Technologies; Responsive web design India.

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