Web Development Company India – Introduction to Ghost

September 7, 2015

There are several ways available to develop and deploy websites. Among the plenty of options available, Ghost is one of the platforms that is used as a blogging or publishing platform which serves as one of the best option for those who wish to create a content centered website.

This platform can be used by any developer who is uncomfortable with PHP as well as trying other options available on WordPress, Drupal and other such platforms. So, why Ghost must be selected?

Reasons for using Ghost:

  • Modesty: Ghost is a very simple platform as it does not do much more stuff like as other content management platforms. It focuses on things that are used to enhance the content management experience as well as authoring experience.
  • Especially designed for writers: This platform is especially for writers. Using this platform, writers can write faster and better than before. It has a very easy to use Markdown editor for blog posts and pages and split screen authoring interface that shows you the preview of your posts and pages while you are writing.
  • Easily customizable: If you have a little knowledge of HTML and CSS then you can easily restyle and customize the available ghost theme. This is one of the features that attracts most of its developers.

    The use of handlebars removes the usage of server side programming language while developing ghost themes and page templates. Making use of such tools tends to be more productive way of creating themes as compared to that of using PHP or Ruby which are used as normal programming languages.

    It also supports inline HTML, CSS and JavaScript for all the moments where something more custom is required in some of the site’s posts and pages. One can also use JavaScript libraries and widgets for particular posts and pages.

These were some of the features of the new blogging platform Ghost. Now, let’s take a look at some of its drawbacks which refrains users from using this platform.

Drawbacks of Ghost:

This platform cannot be used when you wish to develop any web application or any eCommerce platform or any other type of website which is not related to the content. The one and only purpose of this platform is to make publishing and managing content an easy option. Basically, it is just a blogging platform.

It also lacks a commenting system. So, you can use the one like Disquss or Facebook. Further, if you have no knowledge of CSS and HTML then you cannot customize its look. Then, you must use such platforms that needs no coding experience and offers an easy way to customize your website design.

Hence, before actually using Ghost; make sure to go through its features and drawbacks.

Ghost Hosting Option:

  • Ghost Hosting Services: Ghost offers hosting service with a monthly fee depending on the plan you select. If you wish to stay away from the troubles of hosting your own website then you can take a look at the pricing plans offered by Ghost.
  • Self Hosted Ghost: Ghost is an open source platform, one can download and self host it on its own web host or web server.

Wind up:

Well, here we have discussed about some features and drawbacks of the Ghost platform. In our next blog, we will discuss about how one can create various themes, templates using Ghost. So, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company in India.

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