How should be the Look of a Professional Website?

October 2, 2015

How should be the Look of a Professional Website?

Today, when the audience using internet is increasing day by day; everyone is thinking to get online. If we see on the other side; there are people who have good profits even without any website but again these are approached by new start ups to have a website.

These start ups assure that having a website can actually boost revenue. But just a website can really do this? Do you think so? If it is true then I wonder why do many websites get shut down and even though those businesses having online presence earn less or fail to get projects as compared to those without a website?

The fact behind this is the quality work. Let’s say; you are in search of any service and you typed in Google “XYZ” service providers in “ABC” area. You got some quick results, you clicked on first five links.

Out of five, one is lacking proper design; one is having content with grammatical mistakes, one’s website is taking too much time to get loaded. So, whom do you think will you approach to get the services? The answer here would be none of them.

Why because there’s an impression in your mind that if their own website is having such errors then how can they develop a professional website for you? This leads to a thought in mind “What should a professional website look like?

Here, in this blog post; you will get the answer to this question and yes you can also use this to identify whether a website really possesses a professional look or not?

Let’s begin:

A professional website must have an elegant look which tempts visitors to visit it and stay connected. So, what elements must be considered to give a proper professional look to any website? This will be easily understood with this example:

Professional Website Development

If you take a look at this project; you will find how website developers have actually created this site giving it an ultimate professional look. It will showcase all the elements that a business website must have. These are as follows:

  • Proper Fonts: Here, you can see this website has fonts that are easily readable and users don’t have to stress themselves to read the website content. Fonts must match the company style which makes website look distinctive from competitors.
  • Huge Images: Text based websites are preferred however images are used to keep visitors stuck to your site. Using huge images like as here an image of a huge car is used will make the website specific in itself thus separating it from the crowd.

    It will also be useful to build credibility and get more users.

  • Background: Background must be simple. Just take a look at this website and you will see it has a very simple background having a simple colour which soothes our eyes. Further, the back ground must reveal the brand image.
  • Provide sufficient information for your business: When you see the link mentioned above, you will find that the website contains sufficient information about the business. This will make easy for users to know everything about your business and then they can understand your services in a better way.
  • Keep Design and Logos as simple as possible: The website must be very clean and must possess simple designs as well as logos that are easily understood by people. Further, the colour scheme must also match the business industry.

    Avoid using too many bright colours, keep it lovely, peaceful with eye catching colours.

Wind Up

We think this will serve a best guide to measure any website in terms of professionalism. Stay connected with us for more such guidance regarding website development.

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