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Now Get Faster Websites with Joomla 3.5
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Now Get Faster Websites with Joomla 3.5

Joomla is a well known content management system that is used by most of business owners. Day in and day out, we can see various updates available in Joomla versions. Recently, Joomla released its new version- Joomla 3.5.

Now, what’s new in this version and how this will be useful? Every version has something unique in it; versions are basically the updates that are meant to fulfill the rising demands of consumers. Few days back, Joomla released a new version of its open source web content management system.

Here, in this blog post; we are going to discuss about this version.

What’s new in this version?

Joomla’s new version is developed to improve user experience for developers as well as administrators. This content management system is developed using PHP and MYSQL. This updated version will be used to develop faster websites as it offers PHP 7 support.

Main Features of Joomla 3.5:

  • Email notifications will be useful to keep the software up to date.
  • Offers ability to export Joomla system information for aligned support. It is then separated from anonymized data that users opt for to share with Joomla in order to improve later versions.
  • Users can drag and drop the images into the editor.
  • Different modules can be inserted into articles not just into template positions.
  • New functionality will be offered including module buttons which can be inserted into articles.

This version will make things two times faster than those that run on PHP 7. Everything that can increase the website speed is wonderful. As per Joomla officials, Joomla offers PHP support that is available for use by general public.

Joomla 3.5

Joomla also updates email notifications of new versions. It helps users and site administrators to get updates on Joomla releases such as updates and bug fixes. Previously, notifications were available in Joomla backend or when we sign up for Joomla security news mailing list.

Other features of Joomla 3.5:

  • Adding CSS file to Protostar: At present; users cannot use a custom CSS file while using Protostar template. With this update; one can check whether the file user.css is available or not and if it’s available for customization.
  • Added site and admin links for module user: This adds switches to the mod_status in order to hide or show links in front as well as back end of the site.
  • Article counts: It is a set of pull requests which allows visual presentation of published as well as unpublished and trashed articles in the Category Manager.
  • Email tests: Are used to test email addresses with one click.
  • Random category blog and list order: is used to answer a common request which is used to add perfect ordering option for articles in the blog category as well as category list view.
  • UX editor button: offers users with another button below main editor that allows them to insert a module to their articles.
Take Away:

So, with these features; one can identify that how useful this new version is? We are sure that this will be useful to you as well. Let us know how this blog post was useful to you. For more such updates, stay tuned to Softqube Technologies; a well known Joomla web development company.

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