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Few Things Developer Must Keep in Mind While using Every PHP Version till PHP 7

January 6, 2016

Few Things Developer Must Keep in Mind While using Every PHP Version till PHP 7

The new version of PHP i.e. PHP 7 got released in November 2015. As compared to other PHP versions; this is fast when it comes to performance. So, we can say that those developers that have unproductive habits must leave them one.

As with new PHP; work can be done at rocket speed so your excuses won’t work here. Here, in this blog post; we have mentioned some of the important points that developers must keep in mind while using every version of PHP.

Note: These tips are applicable till PHP7 because we are unaware of future PHP versions:

Things to be borne in mind while working with PHP or any other similar programming languages:

  • Use clean codes: Every programming language; be it PHP or any other; ensures to have clean codes. Clean codes provide a lot of readability. This gives immense scope for improvisation when needed.

    Most of the developers have the habit of using single letter variable as well as other types of such ideas to increase the speed of pages during the download process.

    This ends into poor code readability. So while developing PHP codes; every web developer must define the variables properly and stick to the original values of various object oriented programming languages like PHP.

  • Avoid using MYSQL functions: There are plenty of advanced functions available in PHP. The database you use must be updated ones. The best instance to this point is to make use of MYSQL functions that can be used with all PHP versions.

    MYSQLI supports easy PDO implementation and includes more facilities as compared to MYSQUL. As a result, developers can generate great outputs if they make use of MYSQLI functions with latest PHP versions.

  • Use Close Tags: There are developers who use close tags while concluding PHP files. Most of the WordPress files leave this bad practice. This is not necessary in PHP.

    However, there are various novice developers who use it for keeping the whitespace under control. Several modern versions of PHP never focus on using closing tags at the conclusion part.
    This is very necessary but rarely developers follow this. You can use these to get an extra advantage in your PHP Skills.

  • Letting Queries function in Loop: Prepare the data array and then write two different queries instead of allowing them to function in a Loop. In certain situations, the activity of performing queries in a Loop will have faster results.

    However, this will only leave the device strained as well as heated up several times. WordPress has a method called get_post_meta() which helps developers to get relative meta value.

    This functions like cache system. When developers use this method on frequent basis then it will ignore the values from the database and will work by using the values that are stored in cache system.

    This boosts the speed of functions and reduces the load that occurs on CPU thus saving it from overheating. Using “Query Monitor” can control the functioning of queries in Loop.

  • Avoid unnecessary passing of references: PHP has comes with inbuilt Shuffle() and sorts(). When you return a shuffled array then it functions to alter the inbuilt functions.

    As a result, the originality of using these functions gets easily lost. Modifications done to such original functions without any special needs are unacceptable.

    Yes, in some cases; passing of references will help the programme to work quickly. This seems to be very illogical. Most of the PHP advanced versions are fast and developers don’t need to pass references to boost the functioning of programme any more.

Take Away:

Are you a PHP Developer; A beginner or an expert? Well whosoever you are; it is necessary for every PHP developer to keep these things in mind and enhance their development skills.

For more such tips related to PHP development and to know more about the latest PHP version; stay tuned to Softqube Technologies; a well known PHP development company in India.

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