Amazing Google Fun Tricks

March 20, 2015

Speaking the word “ Google” for some it means SEO, algorithm updates, for some it means Google Doodles, for foody lovers, it is a best place to find recipes and so on. Google means different thing to everyone.

But has anyone ever wondered that Google can be place of Fun too? Sounds absurd, but it’s true. When you feel bored or want to have fun, just try these tricks and you will enjoy a lot. I think it’s a good way to kill the boredom.

Google Tricks

Hence, let’s end the waiting time and discuss about the funny hidden treasure with Google. Here we go….

Funny Google Tricks

  • ATARI Breakout: Go to “Google images” search bar and type this “ ATARI BREAKOUT” and what you will see is a game which you can play and enjoy. A real fun isn’t it. Let’s move on to another trick.
  • Tilt or Askew: We have always seen simple results in Google. A few words can really change the way Google displays search results. Just type “Askew” or “Tilt” in the search box and see the results, it will be tilted little bit. Try it now!!
  • Do a Barrel Roll: Have you ever seen Google search results page rotating to 360 degrees? Can’t believe it, right? Just type this phrase “Do a barrel roll” in search box and see entire search results page will rotate to 360 degrees. Try it now and have fun!!
  • Google Sphere: This is really funny. Just type “Google sphere” in the search box and click on the first link. Everything around the word “Google” will revolve in orbits like as earth having its own orbits. See this image to understand it in a better way and try it to experience it on your own.
  • Google Gravity: Google gravity is one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. It will break down everything you search. Just type “Google gravity” and click on the first link, here you will everything breaking down losing gravity. Now, if you will type any search term “Softqube Technologies”, results will also be displayed in the same manner.
  • Google Mirror: Similar to Google gravity, one such funny thing is “Google Mirror”. It has a very good mirror effect; whatever you type in search box appears reversed as if in the mirror, even search results also possess the similar effect. Take a look at this image
  • Google under Water: The most lovely seen on Google is “Google Underwater” where you can see everything floating in water, the Google logo, its search results and more.
  • Google Terminal: Like if you are using DOS Language, Google will be represented in the form of terminal. The search results will be displayed in the form of codes. This image will make it clear for you.
  • Google Guitar: It’s a funny way to search queries that actually play music. Google guitar is very amazing search engine which plays the strings of guitar as you type any word in the search box, sound will be played on the guitar. You can also play some melodies with the guitar as mentioned under the search box. Try it now!!

Wind up

We are sure that you will enjoy using these Google tricks and they will definitely be a good way to pass your leisure time or kill boredom. Got a five minutes break? Try one of these tricks and have fun.

This clears that along with work, Google is a place for fun as well and we will be bringing more such tricks very soon. So, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies, a well known eCommerce development company in India.

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