How to Learn App Development?

December 28, 2015

How to Learn App Development?

People sometimes get scared when it comes to coding. For most of us, coding seems to be a scary word. There are some those who cannot believe that coding can be done to make living as well.

This is the thing that people even never think of. But still, web development is such a world where people with zero interest can also make good career. However, in this digital world, online presence has become mandatory for every business.

This blog post is for those people who wish to learn coding within limited time and budget.

So, the list is as follows:

  • First of all, know the reason to learn coding: If you are really interested to learn coding for career purpose then it is advisable to take courses from experts. You can learn such courses like as Software engineering. The first thing is to begin with C++, Java and Python.

    Some online courses are also available from Harvard and Stanford for free. Khan Academy is also such one such institute. Let’s say if you want to design a website or develop games or Android apps then it is not necessary to dig deeper as there are lot of interactive online tutorials available.

    You can access those and learn at your ease.

  • Which coding language will you select to begin with coding? The aim matters a lot here. If you are interested to become a software engineer then it is necessary to continue course work.

    This will help you to move ahead in that direction. Most of experts recommend starting with C language. But language selection actually depends on the purpose for which you want to use that language.

    App Development

    Let’s say if you wish to go for iOs App Development, then the first language you must learn is Swift. Swift is a completely new language introduced by Apple in June 2014. It comes with modern and simple syntax.

    It is compatible with objective C. So, any person who knows C language can easily start coding after learning Swift. An iOS developer can easily switch to Android development.

    You can learn swift from various online training sites. You can choose the one that is right for you.

  • Know the terminology: The first and foremost thing is to know the terminology. These are the ones that boost your self confidence and give you a feeling that you are aware of them when it comes to foreign terms.

    To make yourself familiar with the most used terms, you can learn the definitions from Vin Vacanti. His aim is to help people learn coding so that they can develop your own sites.

  • Begin with a small project: When you decide to learn from online tutorials, you will naturally begin with a small project. Always keep one thing in mind; don’t skip any lessons, repeat them constantly till the time you have mastered the art.

    Just go through a simple tutorial lesson, erase all the coding and begin from scratch. Start using patterns, the more you use them the more easily you will remember them. Always, “Practice makes Men Perfect”.

  • Try your hands on Kids’ tutorial App: These apps are used to teach coding to Kids. There is several numbers of these available for kids of every age. One of the most popular is Scratch as kids can easily learn coding for animation, games, music etc.

    In such tutorials, coding is explained in a simple language; this is very useful for adult learners as they can understand things easily. Just write simple code and get good experience from the same.

  • Join an Open Source Community: There’s a huge community of coders who work on open source software to make improvements. Let’s take WordPress; it is an open source platform for programmers who add new elements, tools and apps.

    Programmers share their experience and work in the community. Other members show their comments, do changes if there are any. You can also hack others code and check whether you are able to understand it or not and what the coder did and how.

    In case you find any improvement, add it to that code and share your improvements in the community.

Wind Up:

Hope this blog post will serve as a perfect guide for those who wish to try their hands at coding and save some money by developing website on their own. It is good way for start ups.

Let us know how this guide has helped you. For more such details, stay connected with Softqube Technologies, a well known App Development Company in India.

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