Five Productive PHP Tools for Testing and Debugging

September 10, 2015

Once you have developed any web application using PHP then before actually making it alive, it is actually tested and scanned to check for any remaining errors. Today, in this blog post from PHP Web Development Company, Softqube Technologies; we will see how such tests can be performed by using some PHP Testing and Debugging tools.

Yes, these tools will help to boost productivity because writing a proper code is more important than just writing a code with errors. The focus must be on boosting the productivity. Productivity is the main concern.

Hence, let’s check out what these tools are and how these can be used to enhance productivity by identifying the errors quickly as well as solving them to get the perfect programming language for your application or website.

Five Best Productivity Enhancement Tools in PHP:

  • Cucumber: Yes, cucumber is good for health but here we are not discussing about the vegetables. Cucumber is actually a PHP based behaviour based tool which is used to write tests in very simple English.

    Yes, one can also write it in other 30 spoken languages which are available inside the tool itself. Then these tests are performed with other third party tools like as Mechanize or Selenium.

    This tool is basically used for Ruby on Rails but this can now be used with other main stream programming languages as well like as Java, PHP, Python and more.

  • PHP Unit: Yet another useful tool that is used along with the application code. Developers constantly are motivated to think about various ways in which errors must be avoided or if occurred can be solved easily.

    These errors can be solved with the help of such tools like PHP Unit where PHP Developers can provide an amazing solution to carry out test driven development which will provide perfect solution for writing, organizing and automating the tests. Adopting such tools can boost productivity up to a certain extent.

  • Simple Test: Apart from cucumber and PHP Unit, Simple Test is one of the most useful PHP testing and debugging tools that make it easy for developers to write unit tests with the most familiar PHP Syntax.

    Along with testing, it offers some amazing features such as web interface testing that has the ability to test authentication and web forms. This tool is very simple to use even for a novice.

  • XDebug: No PHP based application can be made live without proper testing and debugging. Sometimes this involves the inspection of application at different stages of execution. Reviewing the object content can sometimes be a messy job as it may lack proper formatting when these contents are added to the browser. This extension can boost the data readability.

    This is one of the most useful tools without which sometimes error debugging may seem to be a very tough task.

  • FireBug: Developing great websites doesn’t mean just to understand a server side language. Even the simple websites are to be driven by the combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

    The entire ability to test and debug all the webpages weighs heavily on productivity. To reduce this weight from productivity, PHP tools like FireBug are useful.

Wind Up

Well, this is just an overview of how PHP Tools can boost productivity. One can make web development task easier by using any of these tools and in case any kind of guidance is required to use these tools then you can get in touch with any of the PHP Experts.

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