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PHP Development

7 Tools That Make Things Peppy For PHP Developer

May 29, 2015

7 Tools That Make Things Peppy For PHP Developer

Developers know that PHP is a popular server side scripting language used for developing web applications as well as open source eCommerce platforms. With PHP, one can easily develop strong and creative web applications. Slowly, PHP community is growing by leaps and bounds.

But still, to make the work easier; Web developers are always in search of some useful and handy tools which makes their development task an easier one. Yes, finding suitable tools is a bit of time consuming task and so to make it simple for PHP developers; we have included here a list of some powerful tools that have excelled in making the web development task very simple.

Very useful PHP tools:

  • Debug Bar: It is an open source app that can be easily combined with any of the PHP based project and which can easily collect and present profiling data. It supports ajax requests and comes with generic data collections for well known libraries.

    The java script has its place in footer and further additions can be added for new collectors and views.

  • Package Management: This is one of the most useful tools that makes it easy for developers to keep a track of all PHP projects. This makes clear what is needed and what’s not. It works along with repository package that provides complete information about the number of PHP apps and their related components.
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  • PHP FIG: It’s a framework developed basically to identify the similarities between various projects and find out the ways through which it can be carried out together. This is based on various standards in order to boost several project development approaches and help developers working for Cake PHP, Drupal, Joomla and many others.
  • Phalcon PHP: It’s one of the well known PHP frameworks that is coded in C language. It is available on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. This tool has an interactive user interface which makes it simple to work on any PHP project.
  • Monsta FTP: It’s a well known PHP tool available with Ajax Cloudware compatibility. This tool has the ability to place FTP file management directly into the browser irrespective of your place and situation.

    Files can be easily dragged and dropped into the browser and in the mean time while they are uploaded other tasks can be performed easily. Monsta FTP has an amazing feature that supports on screen file editing as well as it supports several languages.

    This is tested successfully on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

  • PHP Image Workshop: A very useful photo editing tool that renders the ability to smoothly manage the image files based on PHP. PHP workshop is equal to that of Photoshop as it allows users to edit and organize image with PHP.

    Images can be resized, cropped as per the need. Further, image watermarks can also be added and other necessary changes can also be implemented.

  • Pico: It is actually a content management system which considers flat files as its database. No proper set up is needed. The content is stored in CMS in the .md format. It’s most admired by users due to its flawless and user friendly interface.

Wind up:

So, with these PHP tools; the development process becomes easy. Try to use any of them and see the difference in the time taken to develop any PHP based application before and after using these tools.

These are the tools that PHP developers at Softqube Technologies often use to make their development process an easier task. Are you aware about better PHP tools and have you used them? Do share your experience with us.

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