Get Extra Battery Life and Wireless Charging with X life- Battery Case for iPhone

October 4, 2015

Get Extra Battery Life and Wireless Charging with X life- Battery Case for iPhone

Recently, apple launched its new iPhone 6 model. Several iPhone 6 battery cases are available and these are the ones that are developed with inbuilt wireless charging. Wireless chargers can be used as these are already available for current Google and Samsung devices and some star buck stores too.

If you ask iPhone users as to which is the most lovable accessory for them then most of these will opt for battery case because this is what iPhone lovers love the most. These cases actually enhance the battery life as well as make it possible to charge the phone even on the go.

The ability to charge the iPhone without any plug in wire cable is highly accepted by the users. Various iPhone battery cases are available in the market but one such battery case known as X-life offers the answer as it comes with iPhone 6/6S air case – a smart phone that is the good combination of a battery case and QI enabled device.

Features of Xlife battery case:

  • Includes 3000 Ah battery which can fully charge up iPhone 6 batteries.
  • It has the thickness of 16.3 mm which is one of the largest battery cases that are tested.
  • It is 155mm long and 74mm wide. This loses its slim dimensions.

Apart from other battery cases, this one is wonderful as it has amazing side buttons along with overlaid tabs and these all are very useful. There’s a small cut out for ringer/vibration switch. So, it becomes little tricky to access everything on iPhone.

Further, it includes the extender that can be used for all earphone jacks that are larger than 3.5mm. It is suitable for ear phone jacks of up to 5.8 mm.

It also possesses a perfect well protected display screen having very small raise of millimetre which protects the cell in case it drops with face down. Additional temper glass screen protector is also available and hence the case is a complete protector of your iPhone.

Several other features that make this battery case an amazing one are as follows:

  • Removable battery and QI charging session.
  • This reduces the weight thus enabling people to carry a slim case. This feature is useful if one needs to leave the battery section charging or use it on special occasions.
  • It has two micro USB ports that are used to charge the battery even when it is detached from the iPhone.
  • Another USB port is available that allows to charge the battery separately in case QI charging pad is not available.
  • Both the iPhone as well as the battery case can be charged together using only one port.
  • This QI section gets easily detached. The pad is much neater as compared to a trailing USB cable.
  • A small button is given at the back of the case which is used to activate the battery for charging. There’s a quick tap that lights the four LEDS which shows the charging level.

Looking at its overall features, one can say that it is the most useful battery charging case especially for devices having 3000 mah battery however the battery section is easily detachable when not in use. It is available for just $69.99; being one of the most affordable battery cases ever.

Wind Up

Hence, if you are an iPhone owner then this is the best thing for you. Try it out and let us know your experience.

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