Productive Phone Gap Development

June 28, 2014

iPhone and Android applications based on hybrid app frameworks, such as PhoneGap now can be easily developed using various programming languages HTML, CSS & Java script. Here, we are going to discuss some useful tips for developing productive PhoneGap development.

Advantages of Phone Gap development:

It’s easy to develop various features on android platforms using phone gap development. Enabling and disabling the features is an important task as all the apps running simultaneously can lead to slow performance of the device.

With PhoneGap, users can accomplish their tasks faster as this open source framework provides freedom from multiple clicks that takes a lot of time. With the new feature of Voice and Listen, one can quickly complete the registration process thus saving time.

PhoneGap is also used with any of the libraries available in our mobile. It is useful for JQ Touch, jQuery and similar interfaces. That’s why this open source framework is mostly liked by developers as they like to switch between interfaces while developing apps as well as programs.

In order to increase the value of PhoneGap develop, developers can use CSS Animations while creating mobile applications. In case of web applications, Java script can be used. As compared to Java script, CSS Animations are preferred the most as they tend to reduce the app’s loading time and making it available quickly. If you opt for PhoneGap, then CSS is perfect as it makes the app more effective.

But, the question is why Java scripts are less supportive as compared to PhoneGap? Here’s the answer:


  • Less coding is needed
  • Load as many as things as possible within short span of time
  • Working with multiple apps at a single time is very easy
  • Minimum Memory is used.
  • No wastage of time as everything is performed very quickly.

Java scripts

  • Maximum coding
  • Loading multiple images at a time is difficult
  • Working with multiple apps at a single time is very difficult
  • Maximum memory is used
  • Waiting time is more resulting into time wastage

With the above mentioned points, it is clear that PhoneGap is more effective as compared to Java scripts. We can easily check PhoneGap on any smart phone in order to verify how it works in real time.

Yet, before using this app, it would be better to go through certain reviews from the PhoneGap users and then decide if it really suits your needs and everything related to your business is easily covered by this app. If it is completely useful to you, then investing in it is a good decision.

Even after going through different reviews and user experience, if you are unable to decide which app is perfectly suitable for your business then PhoneGap mobile app development companies like Softqube technologies can also guide you in better way related to this matter.

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Nitin Suvagiya

He is working with Softqube Technologies as Director, since 2009. He has over 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies, working as a CEO and also providing consultation in DevOps as he is DevOps certified. He has good expertise in UX/UI designing in any application.

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